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Ancestors of Sarah LE BRUN [1269]
Jordan LE BRUN, Knt., Lord Of Hackerell [1270]
Sarah LE BRUN [1269]
(Abt 1280-)


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Sir John II DE COGGESHALL, Knt. [1259]

Sarah LE BRUN [1269] 6

  • Born: Abt 1280, , , England
  • Marriage: Sir John II DE COGGESHALL, Knt. [1259] in , Essex, England

bullet   Other names for Sarah were Sarra and BRUN.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <> :
"Sarah was born. She was the daughter of Jordan Brun. Sarah married Sir John Coggeshall Knight, son of John Coggeshall, at County Essex, England. She was heir to the Manor of Hackerel [Hokewell?], which she inherited after the death of her brother Philip le Brun.
Child of Sarah Brun and Sir John Coggeshall Knight

* Sir John Coggeshall Knight+ d. b 26 Jun 1361"
Source <>:
"5. Sir John de Coggeshall , of Coggeshall, Knight, who was living in 1302, and married Sara, daughter of Jordan le Brun, Knight. Sir John died in 1319, leaving: -
6. Sir John de Coggeshall, Lord of Coggeshall, ...
Source <> :
"John was born at Coggeshall, County Essex, England. He was the son of John Coggeshall. John married Sarah Brun, daughter of Jordan Brun, at County Essex, England. He held lands in p'va Benfleet of the honor of Rawley in County Essex, England.1,2 John died 14 Edward II [1307-1327] at County Essex, England.
Child of Sir John Coggeshall Knight and Sarah Brun

* Sir John Coggeshall Knight+ d. b 26 Jun 1361
Source <>:
"JOHN de COGGELSHALL, b 1275, dvp 1296 or 1302, m SARRA dau of LAURENCE de PLOMBERWE
- JOHN de COGGLESHALL, d 1319, m SARA dau of JORDAN le BRUN, Lord of Hackerell
- JOHN de COGGLESHALL, b ca 1302, d 1361, Lord of Sutton, Beneflete, Coldham, Coggeshall, Samhill, Hokewell, Ailsford, Fratyng, Pagesham & Roghir, ..."
Source <>:
"Sara Coggeshall (LeBrun) (1282 - d.)
Birthdate: 1282 Birthplace: England

Immediate Family
John Coggeshall husband
Thomas Coggeshall son
Jordan LeBrun father"

Sarah married Sir John II DE COGGESHALL, Knt. [1259] [MRIN: 544], son of John I DE COGGESHALL [1265] and Sarra DE PLUMBERGH [1266], in , Essex, England. (Sir John II DE COGGESHALL, Knt. [1259] was born in 1279 in Coggeshall, Essex, England and died between 8 Jul 1320 and 7 Jul 1321 in , Essex, England.)

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