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Ancestors of Ida DE TOSNY [132]
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Roger III DE TOSNY, Lord Of Flamstead [318]
(Abt 1104-1157)
Ida DE HAINAUT [388]
(Abt 1110-1194)
Sir Robert II DE BEAUMONT, "Le Bossu", 2Nd Earl Of Leicester [311]
Amicia DE GAEL [317]
(Abt 1095-After 1168)
Raoul V DE TOSNY, Lord Of Flamstead & Conches [134]
(Abt 1130/1132-1162)
Marguerite DE BEAUMONT [142]
(Abt 1127-After 1185)
Ida DE TOSNY [132]
(Abt 1155-1199)


Family Links

1. Sir Roger II BIGOD, 2e Comte De Norfolk [1775]

2. King Henri II OF ENGLAND, dit "Court-manteau", Duc De Normandie, ... [753]

Ida DE TOSNY [132]

  • Born: Abt 1155, , Norfolk, England
  • Marriage (1): Sir Roger II BIGOD, 2e Comte De Norfolk [1775] about Dec 1181 in , , England
  • Partnership (2): King Henri II OF ENGLAND, dit "Court-manteau", Duc De Normandie, ... [753]
  • Died: 1199, Framlingham, Norfolk, England about age 44

bullet   Other names for Ida were Isabel and DE TOESNY.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"Raoul V de Tosny (Ralph IV)° ~1130/32 + 1162 seigneur de Tosny, Conches et Flamstead, lieutenant du duc puis Roi Henry II à Le Lierru (Forêt de Conches, 1154) et Bonneville-sur-Touques (1156-1162)
ép. après 1155 Marguerite de Beaumont ° ~1125 + après 1185 reçoit un douaire sur Walthamstow et des terres en Normandie notamment à Pont-Saint-Pierre (fille de Robert de Beaumont, 2ème earl of Leicester, Justicier d'Angleterre, et d'Amicie de Gaël-Montfort)
- ...
- Ida de Tosny dite ° ~1158 (Flamstead) ép. Sir Roger Bigod, earl of Norfolk (fils d'Hugh Bigod, earl of Norfolk, et de Juliana de Vere) après une liaison avec Henry II, Roi d'Angleterre d'où un bâtard : William Longsword (cf. by Marc Morris, Boydell, 2005)"
Source <Wikipedia>:
"Ida de Toesny, Countess of Norfolk was very likely a daughter of Ralph V de Tosny (died 1162) and his wife Margaret (born circa 1125 and living in 1185), a daughter of Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester.

Relationship to Henry II
Ida de Tosny was a royal ward and mistress of King Henry II, by whom she was mother of one of his illegitimate sons - William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury, (b c. 1176-March 7, 1226). For many years, until the discovery of a charter of William mentioning "Comitissa Ida, mater mea" (engl. "Countess Ida, my mother", it was assumed that Rosamund Clifford, a previous mistress of Henry's, was the mother, but painstaking genealogical detective work has since shown otherwise. Ida was not the first English royal ward to be taken as mistress by a King who was her guardian; that honour probably belongs to Isabel de Beaumont (Elizabeth de Beaumont), daughter of Robert de Beaumont, who fought at the Battle of Hastings with the Conqueror. That king's youngest son made Beaumont's daughter his mistress.

Around Christmas 1181, Ida de Tosny was given to Roger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk in marriage by Henry II, together with the manors of Acle, Halvergate and South Walsham, which had been confiscated from his inheritance after his father's death (Hugh Bigod, 1st Earl of Norfolk. Ida and Roger had a number of children including:
Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk who married in 1206/ 1207, Maud Marshal, a daughter of William Marshal
William Bigod
Ralph Bigod
Roger Bigod
Margery, married William de Hastings
Mary Bigod, married Ralph fitz Robert
Many historians, including Marc Morris have speculated that the couple had a third daughter, Alice, who married Aubrey de Vere IV, 2nd Earl of Oxford as his second wife. If so, the marriage would have been well within the bounds of consanguinity, for the couple would have been quite closely related, a daughter of the second earl of Norfolk being first cousin once removed to the second earl of Oxford."
Source <>:
"Ida Isabel Bigod, Countess of Norfolk (de Tosny)
Nicknames: "Also Ida de Toesny. NOT Ida de Toeni", "Sometimes seen as 'Toeni" but that is incorrect", "Sometimes seen as 'Toeni" but that is incorrect. Also", "NOT Ida Isabel Plantagenet (that person does not exist as a wife/concubine of Henry II Plantagenet", "King of Eng"
Birthdate: circa 1154 Birthplace: Norfolk, Norfolk, England
Death: Died 1199 in Framlingham, Norfolk, England
Occupation: Mistress to Henry II, was mistress to Henry III Plantagenet before marriage, and mother of William "Longsword" Plantagenet ..."

Ida married Sir Roger II BIGOD, 2e Comte De Norfolk [1775] [MRIN: 871], son of Sir Hughes BIGOD, 1er Comte De Norfolk [1774] and Juliane DE VERE [1527], about Dec 1181 in , , England. (Sir Roger II BIGOD, 2e Comte De Norfolk [1775] was born about 1150 in Thetford, Norfolk, England and died on 2 Jul 1221 in Thetford, Norfolk, England.)

Ida had a relationship with King Henri II OF ENGLAND, dit "Court-manteau", Duc De Normandie, ... [753] [MRIN: 932], son of Geoffroy V D'ANJOU, Dit "Le Bel" & "Plantagenêt", King Of Jerusalem [1626] and Queen Matilda OF ENGLAND, Dite "l'Emperesse" [755]. (King Henri II OF ENGLAND, dit "Court-manteau", Duc De Normandie, ... [753] was born on 5 Mar 1133 in Le Mans, Pays-De-Loire, France, died on 6 Jul 1189 in Chinon, Pays De Loire, France and was buried in Abbaye de Fontevraud, Pays de Loire, France.)

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