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Ancestors of Emmelina DE BALLON [1469]
Emmelina DE BALLON [1469]
(Abt 1050-1094)


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Ernulf I DE HESDIN [1468]

Emmelina DE BALLON [1469]

  • Born: Abt 1050, Hesdin, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France
  • Marriage: Ernulf I DE HESDIN [1468] after 27 Mar 1085
  • Died: 1094, , Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France about age 44

bullet   Another name for Emmelina was Ermelina.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"ARNOUL [Ernulf] de Hesdin (-Antioch [1098]). ...
m ([after 27 Mar 1085]) [as her second husband,] EMMELINE, [widow of WALTER de Lacy ,] daughter of [DREUX de Baladon & his wife ---]. "Emelina uxor Ernulfi de Hestink" donated "ecclesiam de Northona" to Gloucester St Peter by undated charter witnessed by "Rogerus filius Dodonis". The parentage of Emmeline, wife of Arnoul de Hesdin, has not been identified with certainty. However, two sources indicate that she was closely related to the Ballon family. If that is correct, the chronology suggests that she was the daughter of Dreux de Baladon. The first source is a charter dated 14 Sep 1100 under which [her grandson] "Patricius" donated "v hidas terræ de Westona" to Bath St Peter, for the souls of "…Hamelini et Winebaldi de Baalun…ac…Arnulfi de Hesding…et Warini clerici mei", witnessed by "Hamelinus et Winebaldus de Baalun…". The second source is a donation to Gloucester St Peter made by [her grandson] "Patricius de Cadurcis" of land "apud Ameneye de feodo suo…[et] apud Ameneye Sancti Nicholai" to Gloucester St Peter, with the confirmation of "rege Henrico seniore", read together with the donation to the same abbey of land "in Ameneye" made by "Wynebaldus de Balon…et Rogerius filius meus". It should also be noted that, if this is correct, her supposed brother Hamelin had a daughter who was also named Emmeline. The Historia sancti Petri Gloucestriæ records that "Robertus filius Walteri et Avelina uxor eius" donated "ecclesiam de Nortone", as previously donated by "Elmelina mater Avelinæ ante plures annos". A charter of Stephen King of England dated 1138 confirmed donations to Gloucester St Peter including the donation by "Ernulfi de Hesding et Emelina uxoris eius" of "ecclesiam de Nortuna". [There are indications that Emmeline, wife of Arnoul de Hesdin, was the widow of Walter de Lacy. Both families made numerous donations to Gloucester St Peter, although it has not yet proved possible to link any of the names of land donated to both families, but most significantly the Historia sancti Petri Gloucestriæ, in a list of holdings, records (in order) donations made by "Walterus de Lacy dedit Leden, Ernulfus de Hesding dedit Lyncoholt, Hermelina de Lacy dedit pro anima viri sui Duntesbourne…". The interposition of Arnoul's name between Walter de Lacy and his wife Emmeline is best explained if he was Emmeline's second husband. From a chronological point of view, the two marriages would fit. It should be emphasised that this suggestion is speculative.]

Arnoul & his wife had three children:
a) ARNOUL [Ernulf] de Hesdin (-killed 1138) ...
b) MATHILDE (-after 1133). ...
c) ADELINE [Aveline] (-after 1126). ..."
Source <Wikipedia>:
"Ernulf De Hesdin ...

Marriage and family
Ernulf's wife was called Emmelina, a diminutive form of Emma, as is confirmed by numerous grants they made together to monasteries, for example the grant of the manor of Combe in Hampshire to Bec Abbey.

There is still some doubt about the children of Ernulf and Emmelina.
- Ernulf de Hesdin, a son and namesake, was one of Ernulf senior's heirs. He was hanged on the orders of King Stephen in 1138, after he and his nephew, William FitzAlan, held Shrewsbury for Empress Matilda in the opening stages of the Anarchy.
- William is named, along with his sister Ava, as consenting to Ernulf's gifts to St George's Priory at Hesdin. ...
- Avelina, known to be in this case a diminutive of Ava, married Alan fitz Flaad, a Breton adventurer who became an important landholder through the favour of Henry I. ...
- Matilda married Patrick de Cadurcis, Anglicised as Chaworth. ..."
Source <>:
"Ernoulf de Hesdin
Killed on crusade at Antioch
Ernulf de Hesding held a Domesday fief, which had been divided between three principal and nearly equal participants. He was, living in 1066 to 1091, and was married to Emmelina, his second wife. They were the parents of Matilda de Hesding, who is presumed to be the coheir of her mother, Emmelina. Matilda is also presumed to be the third daughter of Ernulf de Hesding, and his wife. Matilda married Patrick de Cadurcis, who occurs 1100, and was deceased by 1130.
Ernulf and Emmelina had an older daughter by the name of Avelina, who occurs in 1126. She married, as her first husband, Alan Fitz Flaald, who occurs in 1101-1109, and died in 1114. Avelina married, as her second husband, Robert Fitz-Walter, who occurs in 1126.
~The History of the Ancient Town and Borough of Newbury in the County of Berks, pp. 76-77"
Source <>:
"Emmelina (?) de Normandie (1040 - 1094)
Birthdate: 1040 Birthplace: Hesdin, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Death: Died 1094 in Pas De Calais, France

Immediate Family
Arnulf (Ernulf) de Hesdin, Seigneur husband
Matilda de Hesdin daughter
Arnoul / Ernulf de Hesdin, Sheriff of Shropshire son
Avelina de Hesdin, Domina Norton daughter
mother of Emmeline de Normandy mother
father of Emmeline de Normandy father"

Emmelina married Ernulf I DE HESDIN [1468] [MRIN: 679] after 27 Mar 1085. (Ernulf I DE HESDIN [1468] was born in 1038 in Hesdin, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France and died in 1098 in Antioch, Turkey.)

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