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Ancestors of Martha [1490]
Martha [1490]


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Thomas WILDER, Sr [1445]

Martha [1490] 2

  • Born: 1592, Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England
  • Marriage: Thomas WILDER, Sr [1445] in Jan 1619 in , Oxfordshire, England
  • Died: 20 Apr 1652, Hingham, Plymouth, MA at age 60 2

bullet   Another name for Martha was HIGGS.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"Martha Higgs
Born: 1592, Shiplake, Oxfordshire, , England
Marriage: Thomas Wilder Jan 1619
Died: 20 Apr 1652, Hingham, , MA
She left Shiplake England for the Colonies on board the ship "Confidence", in 1638 bound for Massachusetts Bay and landed at Hingham. Since the Wilders had suffered religous persecution, it is believed that she sent her children, Thomas, Elizabeth, and Edward with friends to the New Colonies while she disposed of her effects and followed later. It is believed that she sold the estate, but would never tell her children to whom, to her son John, the heir of Sulham.
Martha Wilder left Shiplake in May, 1638, for the Colonies. In 1638 the ship Confidence sailed from Southampton, England with emigrants for Massachusetts Bay. In the list of passengers shown in the 1848 edition of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register includes " Martha Wilder, Shiplake, Oxfordshire, Spinster and Mary Wilder 111135, her daughter." We know nothing further of this Mary but the tradition that she married in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is represented that they landed at Hingham, Massachusetts in November 1638, where her other children lived. The town records show that the town made grants of land for house, planting, pasture and meadow to Martha and Edward.
Widow Martha Wilder and her children Thomas, Edward, Mary and Elizabeth, are the head of the American line of Wilders. There is no proof that Martha Higgs was the wife of Thomas Wilder..."
Source <The New England historical and genealogical register, Volume 2> Par New England Historic Genealogical Society:
"The List of the names of the Passengers intended for New-England, in the good shipp, the Confidence of London, of 200 tonnes, John Jobson Mr- and thus by vertue of Lord Treasurers warrant of the 11th of Aprill, 1638.
Martha Wilder, Shiplocke, Oxfordshire, Spinster,
Mary Wilder, her daughter,..."
Source <History of the town of Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts> Par Solomon Lincoln:
"... Prior to 1664, Edward Wilder received a grant of land near that which his mother had received from the town ; and by a subsequent conveyance of the premises, in which a reference is made to the grant to his mother, it appears that her name was Martha. She died April 20, 1652. Her son, Edward Wilder, was the ancestor of all the Wilders in this place. He married Elizabeth Ames, of Marshfield, before 1654, and had four sons and four daughters. He died, October 18, 1690 ; his wife died, June 9, 1692. A perfect list of his male descendants who lived to manhood, to the fifth generation, has been given me by the gentlemen before mentioned, which I subjoin as a matter of mere curiosity. Those with an asterisk affixed, died without issue.\emdash Families are separated by a dash, and arranged according to seniority.
Second generation.\emdash Edward's sons\emdash John, Ephraim,* Isaac and Jabez..."
Source <>:
"... The earliest Wilder genealogist, Rev. Moses Hale Wilder, claimed a supposed descent from Nicholas Wilder to son John and grandson Thomas Wilder (d. 1634) of Sulham, Berkshire, England. This Thomas had married a Martha, heiress to property in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, after which he was known as Thomas of Shiplake. Thomas and Martha had five children - John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Edward, and Mary.
After Thomas of Shiplake's death, Martha was thought to have sold the Shiplake property to her eldest son, John. After disposing of her effects, Martha and her youngest daughter, Mary, left Southampton in 1638 and sailed to New England on the Confidence. According to family tradition, Martha's two younger sons, Thomas and Edward, and her daughter Elizabeth had previously sailed for either the Massachusetts Bay Colony or Plymouth Colony earlier in 1638. No existing record identifies the ship, date of departure, or destination.
Martha and Mary settled in Hingham, where they were reunited with Elizabeth and Edward. Hingham granted land to Martha and Edward. Martha remained a widow and died in 1652. Elizabeth married Thomas Ensign in Hingham. Mary's subsequent history was unknown to Reverend Wilder, but later sources proved that Mary married Joseph Underwood, settled in Watertown, and left children. ..."

Martha married Thomas WILDER, Sr [1445] [MRIN: 437], son of John II (Richard) WILDER [1491] and Alice KEATS [1492], in Jan 1619 in , Oxfordshire, England. (Thomas WILDER, Sr [1445] was born about 1580 in Sulham, Berkshire, England 2 and died on 23 Oct 1634 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England 2.)

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