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Ancestors of Sibyl DE SALISBURY [1635]
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Edouard DE SALISBURY, High Sheriff Of Wiltshire [1640]
(Abt 1050-)
Maud FITZ HUBERT [1641]
(Abt 1050-)
Patrice III (I) DE CHAOURCES, Seigneur De Saint-Aignan [1642]
(-After 1133)
Mathilde DE HESDIN [1643]
(-After 1133)
Walter DE SALISBURY, Fitz-Edward, Shériff De Wiltshire [1638]
(Abt 1085-Bef 1147)
Sybille DE CHAOURCES [1639]
(Abt 1100-)
Sibyl DE SALISBURY [1635]
(Abt 1120-)


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Jean LE MARECHAL, "The Marshal" [1634]

Sibyl DE SALISBURY [1635]

  • Born: Abt 1120, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England 2
  • Marriage: Jean LE MARECHAL, "The Marshal" [1634] before 1144 in , , England
  • Died: , , England

bullet   Another name for Sibyl was Sybille.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <Wikipedia>:
"Jean le Maréchal ou John FitzGilbert († 1165),
Mariage et descendance
En premières noces il épouse Aline,...
En secondes noces, vers 1146, il épouse Sybille de Salisbury, fille de Walter FitzEdward de Salisbury et Mathilde de Chaources. Le couple a pour enfants :
Jean († 1194), il succède en partie à son père en 1165 et récupère tout l'héritage paternel en 1166. Il succède aussi à l'office de maréchal de la cour en 1165. Il épouse Jeanne de Port ;
Guillaume († 1219), succède à son frère dans l'office de maréchal, investi du titre de comte de Pembroke en 1199 ;
Henri († 1206), doyen du chapitre d'York en 1189, puis d'Exeter en 1194 ;
Ansel ;
Margaret, épousa Ralph de Somerey de Dudley ( Worcestershire ) puis Maurice de Gant (?-1230) ;
Maud, épousa Robert de Pont-de-l'Arche."
Source <Wikipedia>:
"John FitzGilbert the Marshal (c. 1105 - 1165)
John was the son of Gilbert Giffard (Royal Serjeant and Marshal to Henry I) and his wife Margaret. After his father died in 1129 John inherited the title of the king's marshal. In 1134 John married Aline Pipard whose father Walter Pipard had been a friend of John's father. In 1144, John arranged an annulment of his marriage to Aline Pipard in order to marry Sibyl of Salisbury, the sister of Patrick of Salisbury, who had been a local rival of his, and a supporter of King Stephen, up to that point. John had two sons by Aline - Gilbert (1134-1166) and Walter (1138-). Walter predeceased his father and Gilbert died shortly after inheriting his father's lands.
John's eldest son by Sybilla of Salisbury, also called John Marshal (1145-1194), inherited the title of Marshal, which he held until his death. The title was then granted by King Richard the Lionheart to his second son by Sybilla, William (1147-1219), who made the name and title famous. Though he had started out as a younger son without inheritance, by the time he actually inherited the title his reputation as a soldier and statesman was unmatched across Western Europe. John Marshal had four sons in total by his second wife. As well as John and William, there was Henry (1150-), who went on to become Bishop of Exeter , and Ancel, who served as a knight in the household of his kinsman, Rotrou, Count of Perche . There were also two daughters Sybilla and Margaret."
Source <>:
"WALTER FitzEdward de Salisbury (-1147). ... m ([1115/20]) SIBYL de Chaources, daughter of PATRICK [I] de Chaources [Chaworth]& his wife Mathilde de Hesdin. ... Walter & his wife had five children: ...

e) SIBYL. The early 13th century Histoire de Guillaume le Maréchal records that John divorced his first wife and married "damesele Sibire la sorur le cunte Patriz". m (before [1144]) as his second wife, JOHN FitzGilbert, the Marshal, son of GILBERT the Marshal & his wife --- (-before Nov 1165)."

Sibyl married Jean LE MARECHAL, "The Marshal" [1634] [MRIN: 769], son of Gilbert GIFFARD, The Marshal [1636] and Margaret [1637], before 1144 in , , England. (Jean LE MARECHAL, "The Marshal" [1634] was born about 1105 and died in 1165 in , , England.)

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