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Ancestors of Lord Maurice DE PRENDERGAST [2066]
Lord Maurice DE PRENDERGAST [2066]
(1145-Abt 1210)


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Lord Maurice DE PRENDERGAST [2066]

  • Born: 1145, Prendergast Castle, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: Abt 1210, , , Ireland about age 65

bullet  General Notes:

Source <The journal of the Kilkenny and South-east of Ireland ..., Volume 9> Par Kilkenny and South-east of Ireland Archaeological Society:
"... In 1206, King John granted to Philip de Prendergast, eldest son of Strongbow's famous companion, Maurice, a large territory near Cork, of which Beauver (Bebh Or, the golden rock?) was the chief seat, and which included Shandon, Ocorblethan, and the whole or greater part of Kerricurrihy. At about the same time, five knights' fees in the same neighbourhood were confirmed by John to Richard de Cogan, to whom Fitz Stephen had granted them. (Harris' Ware, ii. 195.) ..."
Source <Journal> Par Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland:
"When Dublin was besieged by O'Connor and his forces, and the English were reduced to treat with him, the two Commissioners sent by the English to his camp were Lawrence O'Tool, Archbishop of Dublin, and Maurice de Prendergast, whose character for strict faith was, no doubt, well known to all the Irish, through his conduct to the King of Ossory, and earned him this office.
His son Philip married Maude, daughter and sole heir of Robert de Quenci, Earl Richard's standard bearer and hereditary Constable of Leinster, who was killed in a battle with the O'Deinpsys and the Irish of Ofïailey, a few months after his wedding.
"Quand ce Robert etoit occis
Son corps ils ont bien enseveli.
Une seule fille Robert avoit,
Robert qui si gentil etoit,
Qui puis etoit donné à un baron
Philip de Prendergast avoit nom
Le fix Moriz Ossriath,
Qui puis vécut en OKençelath. Ki pus vesquist OKencelath"
Source <A visitation of the seats and arms of the noblemen and gentlemen of Great ...> Par Sir Bernard Burke:
"... Maurice de Prendergast was lord of the castle and parish of that name in Pembrokeshire, when Richard, surnamed Strongbow, the second Earl of Pembroke, of the De Clares, inflamed the military ardour of the neighbouring knights hy describing the prizes to be gained in an invasion of fertile Krin. He resolved to share the dangers and rewards of such an expedition, and in the same haughty spirit which led the invading Casar to burn his vessels on the British coast, thus proclaiming retreat impossible, Prendergast freely granted his Welsh castle and estates to the Commandery of Slebech, of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.
He landed in Ireland the day after the Earl of Pembroke, having with him a retinue of ten knights and sixty archers, a welcome addition to Stronghow's diminutive army, distinguished in all the actions which followed, be obtained as bis share of the conquered lands a large territory around Ferns, in Leinster, to hold by the service of ten knights; but the dastard McMurrough, although unable without the Normans to recover that crown his vices had lost, thought that he could now retain it without their aid, and his insolence was, after Stronghow's departure, so offensive, that the disgusted Sir Maurice prepared to return to Wales with two hundred men. The King of Leinster opposed his embarkation, and the irritated Norman thereupon joined his troops to those of Donald, the Irish Prince of Ossory, who still upheld his independence; but Prendergast found as much treachery in the camp of the FitzPatricks as in the halls of McMurrough. and he finally fought his way through the territories of both the princes, and sailed to Wales. When, however, Strongbow returned to Ireland, he consented to accompany him. The Milesian chiefs now negotiated, and among them Fitzpatrick requested a conference with De Clare. Sir Maurice, sent to escort him to the Anglo-Norman camp, pledged himself to bring him hack in safety; and the ancient historian. Kegan, recounts with admiration how nobly be performed this promise to an enemy who had injured him, drawing his sword, and crying out it was only after his death the Kngfishchiefs should lay hands upon the I'riuce of Ossory. whom
they shamefully wished to detain. In 1175, Sir Maurice went to England to oppose the rebellion of Robert, Earl of Essex, whom he and Robert FitzStephen brought a prisoner to the king, then in his duchy of Normandy; but finally returning to Ireland two years afterwards, he soon assumed the habit of that military order which had already felt his liberal affection, and in 1205 he became Prior of Kilmainham, and Master of the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem."
Philip, his only son, ..."
Source <Archaeologia cambrensis: the journal of the Cambrian Archoeological Association> Par Cambrian Archaeological Association:
"... The name still subsists in Holland or Belgium under the form " Bronte-Geest," which seems to be the Dutch or Low German expression for Prendergast.
From Pembrokeshire Maurice de Prendergast came over to Ireland in the year 1169, at the head of ten knights and two hundred archers, as part of the vanguard of Strongbow, to assist M'Murrough, king of Leinster, against the princes who had confederated against him. In 1177 he gave his Castle of Prendergast, in Pembrokeshire, to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem; and eventually joining that order, was Prior of Kilmainham, near Dublin, the chief seat of the brotherhood in Ireland at his death in 1205. For his services in Ireland he received from Strongbow the territory of Fernegenal in Wexford, a district lying opposite to the town of Wexford on the north, and separated from it only by the river Slaney. ..."
Source <>:
"Maurice de Prendergast (1145 - 1205)
Birthdate: 1145 Birthplace: Prendergast Castle, Pembrokeshire, England
Death: Died 1205 in Kilimainham, Dublin, Ireland

Immediate Family
NN FitzGerald wife
Philip de Prendergast son
Gerald De Prendergast son
NN de Prendergast father"

Maurice married.

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