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Ancestors of Albreda [2085]
Albreda [2085]
(Abt 1100-)


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Robert DE LISOURS [2084]

Albreda [2085]

  • Born: Abt 1100, , , England
  • Marriage: Robert DE LISOURS [2084]
  • Died: , , England

bullet   Other names for Albreda were Aubrey, DE LACEY and DE LACY.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <The Magna Charta Barons and Their American Descendants [1898]> Par Charles H. Browning:
"The widow, Albreda, whose surname has not been preserved, of Henry, feudal Baron de Lacie, of Pontefract Castle, Yorkshire, temp. Henry II., m. secondly, Eudo de Lisours, and had by him an only daughter and heiress, Albreda, who m. first, Richard Fitz-Eustace, lord of Halton and constable of Chester, and had by him a son and heir:
John de Lacie, who inherited the baronies of Halton and Pontefract, with the constableship of Chester, and assumed the surname de Lacie. ..."
Source <The History and Topography of Bradford, (in the County of York,) with ...> Par John James:
"... This Henry de Lacy was received into great favour by Henry the 2nd, and his mother, the Empress Maud. He concluded the agreement that had been entered into by his brother Ilbert with Laval He married Albreda de Vescy, daughter of William Lord Peverill, and dying on the seventh calends of October, in the latter part of the reign of Henry the 2nd, was buried at Kirkstall Abbey, (which he had founded in 1159,) and left a son named Robert, who succeeded him. The widow of this Henry afterwards married Eudo de Lisours, and had by him a daughter, Awbrey. ..."
Source <A Discoverie of certaine errours published in print in the much commended ...> Par Ralph Brooke,William Camden
"... You have so long used this trade of patching and peecing of Peregrees with untimelie issue and unnaturall marriages, as many now well experienced doe condemne you of palpable ignorance, I wish you therefore some other practise more sttting your skill, and lesse prejudiciall to the common wealth, for here (as in many other noble families) you have confused and falsisted this pedigree of Lacies, making Henrie Lacie Lord of Pomfret to have issue but one only daughter, and sole heire named Albrede, when as hee had a sonne named Robert that succeded him, and no daughter at all. After you auouch that daughter Albrede, to bee wise to Robert de Luzuis (a man as yet unborne) and to have issue by him a daughter and sole heire, married to Richard Fitz-Eustace Constable of Chester. To which I answere, that the same Albrede, who (you say) married Robert de Luzurs was the widow of Henrie Lacie, and not his daughter. And that daughter and sole heire you affirme to be wife to Richard Fitz-Eustace, was the onelie heire of Eudo de Luzurs by Albrede the relict of Henrie Lacie, and not of Robert de Luzurs. And for proose that Henrie Lacie did marrie with Albrede, and had issue Robert Lacie, that died 1193. as also that the said Albrede after the death of Henrie Lacie, married for her second husband, Eudo de Luzurs, and had issue one sole daughter & heire named Albrede, wife to Richard Fitz-Eustace, Constable of Chester, I set you downe these foure deeds folowing. ..."
Source Wikipedia>:
"Robert (I) († av. 1129), lord de Pontefract jusque vers 1114
+-> Ilbert (II) († 1141), lord de Pontefract après 1135
¦ × Alice de Gand
+-> Henri († 1177), lord de Blackburnshire
¦ ¦
¦ +-> Robert (III) († 1193), lord de Pontefract
¦ × Isabelle de Warenne
+-> Aubreye, possible demi-sœur utérine de Henri, ou fille de Robert
× Robert de Lisours
"Histoire de la seconde famille
Par Aubreye, épouse de Robert de Lisours, liée au Lacy de Pontefract, probablement fille de Robert de Lacy ou peut-être demi-sœur utérine de Henri de Lacy. Lorsque sa fille Aubrée meurt en 1194, elle transmet à son petit-fils Roger de Lizours les honneurs de Clitherhoe et Pontefract dont elle avait hérités en 1193. Roger prend alors le toponyme de Lacy. Il avait déjà hérité de son père John, le constable de Chester, le principal officiel des comtes de Chester. ..."

Albreda married Robert DE LISOURS [2084] [MRIN: 1180]. (Robert DE LISOURS [2084] was born about 1100 in , , England and died in , , England.)

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