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Ancestors of Maud [2358]
Maud [2358]


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Sir John DE CALY, Knt., Lord Of Oby [2357]

Maud [2358]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Sir John DE CALY, Knt., Lord Of Oby [2357] in 1339 in , , England
  • Died: , , England

bullet   Another name for Maud was Mathilda.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <An essay towards a topographical history of the county of Norfolk ...> Par Francis Blomefield, Charles Parkin:
"... Sir John Kaley of Owby and Maud his wife, held it in the 10th of Edward III. and John Caly, parson of Rollesby, released to William de Caly his brother, all his claim of lands here, &c. in the 20th of that king; and Sir William Caley and Alice his wife, fettled on themselves in the 47 of the laid reign; remainder to the heirs of Sir William Caley."

"In the 10th of Edward III. Sir John Caly of Owby and Maud his wife, settled it on William their son by fine.
In the 47th of Edward III. Sir John Brews, &c. as trustees, settled this manor of Owby on Sir William Kaly and Alice his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, &c. Witnesses, Edmund de Uffbrd, William de Cardeston, John de Mauteby, Edmund dc Clipesby, &c. ..."
Source <>:
"John de Benstede I died in 1323 holding theestate later called Benstedes. His son Edmund (d. 1333) left John de Benstede II his son and heir,a minor. Edmund had conveyed his 'manor' in Walthamstow to trustees, who on his death settled it for life on his widow Maud, later wife of John de Caly. (fn. 178) In 1339, however, Maud seems to have beendispossessed by Walter de Mauny, guardian of theheir. ..."
Source <>:
"... the Osier Grounds mentioned sub Naze. Callis may go back earlier than the sixteenth century. ."Xfter the death of Edmund de Benstede, Matilda, his wife, married Sir John de Caly (1339 CI) who may have been an ancestor of William Calley."

Maud married Sir John DE CALY, Knt., Lord Of Oby [2357] [MRIN: 1326], son of Sir William DE CALEY, Knt., Lord Of Oby [2359] and Catherine [2360], in 1339 in , , England. (Sir John DE CALY, Knt., Lord Of Oby [2357] was born before 1318 in Oby, Norfolk, England and died in Oby, Norfolk, England.)

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