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Ancestors of Hugh [2403]
Hugh [2403]


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Hugh [2403]

  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: , Norfolk, England

bullet   Other names for Hugh were JEMEGAN, JEMEGON and JEMINGHAM.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <The English Baronetage: Containing a Genealogical and Historical ..., Volume 1> Par Arthur Collins:
"... The pedigree, as commonly received, I shall take no notice of, but give you one extracted from authentic records, as they now remain among Mr. Le Neve's collections.
That Jernegan, was anciently a christian name, as the former note observes, is very true, as numerous records prove: in 1195, there was a fine levied of lands in Edricheston, in Warwickshire, between Reginald de Claverdon, and Gernegan, his brother, and about this time, 'twas a common name in France, as we find from Lobmeau, in his history of Britain, where Jernegon de Pontchasteau, and some others of the name, are mentioned, but none of these were of this family.
The first that I meet with of this family (d), was called,
1. Hugh, without any other addition, whose son was named,
2. Jernegan, and was always called, Jernegan Fitz-Hugh, or the son of Hugh; he is mention'd in the Castle-acre register, so, 63, b. as a witness to a deed without date, by which, Brian, son of Scolland, confirmed the church of Melsombi, to the monks of Castle-acre, and died about 1I82. He married Sibill, who, in 1183, paid 1001. of her gift, into the exchequer (e), after her husband's death; his son was called, 3. Hugh, or Hubert, son of (f) Jernegan, ..."

Hugh married.

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