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Ancestors of Sir Gilbert LE BLOUNT, 2nd Baron Ixworth [2447]
Raoul DE GUINES, Sire De Guines [2449]
(Abt 0992-1036)
Rosetta DE SAINT-POL [2453]
(Abt 0995-After 1065)
Amiral Robert LE BLOUNT, 1st Baron Ixworth, Lord Of Orford Castle [2448]
(Abt 1029-1065)
Gundreda DE FERRIERES [2452]

Sir Gilbert LE BLOUNT, 2nd Baron Ixworth [2447]


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Alice DE COLKIRK [2450]

Sir Gilbert LE BLOUNT, 2nd Baron Ixworth [2447]

  • Born: 1064, Ixworth, Suffolk, England
  • Marriage: Alice DE COLKIRK [2450] about 1090 in Ixworth, Suffolk, England
  • Died: , , England

bullet   Another name for Gilbert was LE BLUND.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <The dormant and extinct baronage of England: or, An historical and ...> Par Thomas Christopher Banks:
This ancient family is faid to have its rife from the Blondi or Biondi, in Italy, whose historians derive them from the Roman Flavii.
Blound, lord of Guisnes, in France, had three sons, who came into England with the Conqueror. One returned into France again; the the other two, Sir Robert and Sir William, remained. Sir Robert at the time of the General Survey, possessed several lordships in the county of Suffolk, of which Ixworth or Ikesworth, was the chief of his barony. Sir William had several lordships in Lincolnshire: but Sir Robert was father of Gilbert, who, by Alice de Colkirke, his wife, had issue, William baron of Ixworth, who, by Sarah de Montchensi, his wife, was father of another Gilbert (by some called Hubert), who, by Agnes de Lisle, had two sons, William and Stephen. William the eldest, married Cicely de Vere, and had issue another William, and two daughters; which William being amongst the rebel barons, temp. Henry III. and standard-bearer in their army, under Simon Montfort, earl of Leicester, was slain with him at the battle of Lewes, leaving his two sisters; viz. Agnes, Wife of Sir William de Criketot; and Rohese, of Robert de Valoines, (vid. Criketot, and also Valoines,) his heirs, who shared the inheritance."
Source < Le BLOUNT (2° B. Ixworth)>:
"Gilbert Le BLOUNT (2° B. Ixworth)
Born: ABT 1071, Ixworth, Suffolk, England
Father: Robert "The Admiral" Le BLOUNT (1° B. Ixworth)
Mother: Gundreda De FERRERS

Married: Alice De COLEKIRKE ABT 1090, Ixworth, Suffolk, England
1. William Le BLOUNT (3° B. Ixworth)
2. Gilbert Le BLOUNT"
Source <>:
"Gilbert le Blount, 2nd Baron of Ixworth (1064 - 1166
Birthdate: 1064 Birthplace: Ixworth, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
Death: Died 1166 in Ixworth, Suffolk, , England Occupation: 2nd Lord of Ixwor

Immediate Family
Alicia de Colekirke wife
Gilbert Blount son
William Le Blount, Baron of Ixworth son
Galiena Le Blount daughter
Gundreda de Ferrers mother
Robert le Blount, 1st Baron Ixworth father"
Source <A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great ..., Volume 3> Par John Burke:
"Sir Robert Le Blount, had the command of the Conqueror's ships of war, and is styled " Dux Navium Militarium." His portion of the Spolia opinio, embraced thirteen manors in Suffolk, in which county he was the first feudal Baron Of Ixworth, (the place of his residence), and lord of Orford Castle. He m. Gundreda, youngest daughter of Henry, Earl Ferrers, and had a son and heir,
Gilbert Le Blount, second baron of Ixworth, who came into England with his father. This feudal lord founded a priory of black canons, at Ixworth, and marrying Alicia de Colekirke, was *. by his son,
William Le Blount, third lord of Ixworth, ..."
Source <The baronetage of England: containing a genealogical and historical account ...> Par Thomas Wotton:
"Sir Robert ...
Gilbert, his son, married Alicia de Colekirk, and left issue William, Baron of Icksworth, who married Sarah, daughter of Monchampes, or Monchensy, Lord of Elwalslon, in Derbyshire, and had issue Gilbert, by others called Hubert, Baron of Icksworth. He married Agnes de Insula, or Lisle, and had issue two sons, William and Stephen. ..."

Gilbert married Alice DE COLKIRK [2450] [MRIN: 1388] about 1090 in Ixworth, Suffolk, England. (Alice DE COLKIRK [2450] was born in 1070 in Colkirk, Norfolk, England and died in , Suffolk, England.)

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