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Ancestors of Sybil [2757]
Sybil [2757]


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Josselin DE DINAN, De Dinan-Nord, Lord Of Ludlow [2756]

Sybil [2757]

  • Marriage: Josselin DE DINAN, De Dinan-Nord, Lord Of Ludlow [2756] after 1137 in , , England
  • Died: 1137, , , England

bullet   Another name for Sybil was TALBOT.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

[The identity of Sybil's parents is uncertain]

Source <Wikipedia>:
"Pain fitzJohn ...
All accounts agree that Pain married in 1115 and that his wife was named Sybil, although the identity of Sybil's parents is unclear. Pain's Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry states that he married Sybil Talbot, the niece of Hugh de Lacy. The Complete Peerage states that he married Sybil, the daughter of Geoffrey Talbot and Talbot's wife Agnes, who was herself probably the daughter of Walter de Lacy. The historian K. S. B. Keats-Rohan states that Pain married Sybil de Lacy, the daughter of Hugh de Lacy, a view shared by fellow historians Judith Green and Paul Dalton. Others such as Bruce Coplestone-Crow and David Crouch agree with the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography's designation of Sybil as Hugh's niece, and daughter of Geoffrey Talbot and Agnes, the sister of Hugh de Lacy. ..."

"Josce de Dinan ...

Ludlow Castle
Josce was married to Sybil, the widow of Pain fitzJohn, who died in 1137. Sybil had held Ludlow Castle against Stephen in 1139, but surrendered after a siege. Ludlow was an important strategic stronghold for control of the Welsh Borders, and Stephen decided to marry Pain's widow to someone he felt was trustworthy. Upon his marriage Josce also acquired control of the castle, built in the late 11th century. Josce probably also received many of the de Lacy family's holdings in southern Shropshire, but he rebelled against Stephen and fortified Ludlow against the king. Josce's position was so strong that when Stephen granted much of the surrounding lands to Robert de Beaumont, Earl of Leicester, Ludlow was specifically exempted. Stephen told Robert that he would have a royal grant of the castle if he could secure Josce's submission as a vassal. ...

Josce's grandson Fulk fitzWarin, who died in 1258, is ostensibly the hero of a lost romantic poem called Fouke le Fitz Waryn. The work survives as French prose in a loose corpus of medieval literature known as the Matter of England. However, it appears to confuse events of Fulk fitzWarin's lifetime with those of his grandfather's. Other errors in the work include transposing some of the Welsh Marcher barons of King Henry I of England's reign into nobles of William the Conqueror's time, and omitting an entire generation of fitzWarins.[25] Although scholars believe Fouke le Fitz Waryn draws on genuine tradition, the difficulty in separating the fitzWarin biographies makes it a problematic source.

Josce died in 1166. He was survived by two daughters: Sibil, who died in 1212 and married Hugh de Pulgenet, and Hawise who married Fulk FitzWarin, who died in 1197. In 1199 his two daughters petitioned the king regarding the ownership of the town and castle of Ludlow but were turned down."

Sybil married Josselin DE DINAN, De Dinan-Nord, Lord Of Ludlow [2756] [MRIN: 1578], son of Geoffroy Ier DE DINAN, Seigneur De Dinan, Vicomte De Poudouvre [665] and Radegonde DE CHATEAUGIRON, "Orieldis" [668], after 1137 in , , England. (Josselin DE DINAN, De Dinan-Nord, Lord Of Ludlow [2756] was born in Dinan, Bretagne, France and died about 1166 in , Bretagne, France.)

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