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Ancestors of Mabel [2881]
Mabel [2881]


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Nele DE MOWBRAY [2880]

Mabel [2881]

  • Marriage: Nele DE MOWBRAY [2880]
  • Died: 1203, , , England

bullet   Another name for Mabel was Mabille.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"NELE [Nigel] de Mowbray (-Acre 1191). ...

m (before Nov 1170) MABEL, daughter of --- (-[1203]). A manuscript which recites the Mowbray ancestry names "Mabiliam" as the wife of "filius Rogeri de Molbray primogenitus…Nigellus de Molbray". A manuscript record of the Mowbray family (many of the details in which relating to the early generations of the family are inconsistent with other sources) states that "filius Rogeri de Molbray primogenitus…Nigellus de Molbray" married "filiam Edmondi comitis de Clara…Mabillam", but her supposed father has not been identified from other sources. "Mabilla uxor domini Nigelli de Moubray" donated property to St Mary Overey Priory, Southwark by undated charter. "Mabill de Mumbrai" claimed "terra de Mauto [Leicestershire] …ex dono Nigill viri sui" from "Rob de Mubrai" in 1194/95. Nele & his wife had four children:

a) WILLIAM de Mowbray (-Axholme before 25 Mar 1224, bur Neufbourg). ...
b) PHILIP de Mowbray (-after 22 Sep 1196)
c) ROBERT de Mowbray (-after 1196)
d) ROGER de Mowbray (-after 1210). "

Mabel married Nele DE MOWBRAY [2880] [MRIN: 1646], son of Roger DE MONTBRAY [2882] and Alice DE GAND [2883]. (Nele DE MOWBRAY [2880] died in 1191 in Acre, Palestine, Holy Land.)

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