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Ancestors of Amice, Of Salwarpe [2906]
Amice, Of Salwarpe [2906]


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William II DE BEAUCHAMP [2905]

Amice, Of Salwarpe [2906]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: William II DE BEAUCHAMP [2905]
  • Died: , , England

bullet   Another name for Amice was Avice, Alice, Amitia, Agnes.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"WILLIAM [II] de Beauchamp, son of WILLIAM [I] de Beauchamp & his wife Bertha de Briouse (-1197). ...

m AMICE, daughter of ---. The primary source which confirms her marriage has not yet been identified. The introduction to the Beauchamp Cartulary states that it is clear from the cartulary of Westwood priory that "Amice (or Avice) ´lady of Salwarpe´ was the mother of William [II]´s heir and other children". The Rotuli Curiæ Regis record a claim in 1198 by "Amic de Bello Campo" against "Will de Brause" relating to land in Oxfordshire. ...

William [II] & his wife had two children:
1. WILLIAM [III] de Beauchamp ([1194/96]-[1210/11])
2. WALTER [III] de Beauchamp ([1195/97]-14 Apr 1236). ..."

Amice married William II DE BEAUCHAMP [2905] [MRIN: 1660], son of Guillaume I DE BEAUCHAMP [2907] and Berthe DE BRIOUZE [2908]. (William II DE BEAUCHAMP [2905] was born in Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England and died in 1197 in , , England.)

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