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Ancestors of Adelicia [3012]
Adelicia [3012]


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Guillaume II MAUBENC, 1st. Baron of Wich-Malbank (Nantwich) [3011]

Adelicia [3012]

  • Born: 1060
  • Marriage: Guillaume II MAUBENC, 1st. Baron of Wich-Malbank (Nantwich) [3011]
  • Died: 1130, , , England at age 70

bullet   Another name for Adelicia was Adelisa, Andilicia, Adelia.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"William de Malbedeng, Naissance ABT 1086
Wife Adelicia, Born 1110
Marié(e) abt 1127
Source <>:
"... William Malbank had a wife Adelisa. His most important fee was at Nantwich in Cheshire, and he is one of the few undertenants who are mentioned in the Domesday Book with a surname. At Wich we find that "when Earl Hugh received it, it was waste, except for 1 salt pan. William Malbank holds the same [Nant]Wich of the earl with all the customs belonging to it, and the whole of that hundred, which is valued at 40s., of which sum 30s. is charged upon the land of William himself." The salt panned at Nantwich brought in a substantial income since it was a necessity to preserve meat, and the monies that it sold for were shared both with the earl and the king. ...

William was dead by 1130 and was succeeded by his son Hugh Malbank. ..."
Source <Bromley: Midlands family history, and the search for the Leicestershire Origins> Par Ian Bromley:
"William Malbedeng or Malbank First Baron of Wich Malbank (d. bef. 1109) = Adelia
- William Fitz Malbank = Beatrice de Verdun
- Auda = Robert de Tracy
- Hugh, Second Baron of Wich Malbank Founder of Combermere Abbey c. 1130 (d. 1135) = Petronilla (de Vermandois ?)
- Philip = Alice de Audley
- Auda = Robert de Bracy
- William Third Baron of Wich Malbank (d. 1176) = Andilicia (de Beauchamp ?)
- Philipa = Thomas (Lord Basset) (d. aft. 1228)
- Aenora = obert Bardolf (d. aft. 1218)
- Auda = Warin de Vernon (d. aft. 1214)"

Adelicia married Guillaume II MAUBENC, 1st. Baron of Wich-Malbank (Nantwich) [3011] [MRIN: 1721], son of Guillaume I MAUBENC [3980] and Unknown. (Guillaume II MAUBENC, 1st. Baron of Wich-Malbank (Nantwich) [3011] was born in 1040-1055 in , , France and died before 1109 in , , England.)

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