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Ancestors of Avice [3060]
Avice [3060]


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Robert II DE STAFFORD, Sheriff Of Staffordshire [3059]

Avice [3060]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Robert II DE STAFFORD, Sheriff Of Staffordshire [3059]
  • Died: , , England
  • Buried: Stone Priory, Staffordshire, England

bullet   Another name for Avice was Anastasia.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <Wikipedia>:
"Robert de Stafford (died abt 1176); son of Nicholas. He was sheriff of Staffordshire and also performed a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Married Anastasia."
Source <>:
"Robert de Stafford ...
Their issue was, Nicholas the eldest, and according to all previous accounts the only, son : but there is some reason for believing them to have had a younger son named Nigel de Stafford. The male line however of Nicholas's descendants died out after a few generations, for Nicholas, who married Maude Moolte daughter of the Earl of Chester, had an only son Robert (who married Avice and died in about 1176): and Robert left only three children, Robert and Nicholas who died without issue, the former in about 1193; and a daughter Millicent, who married Hervey Bagot: and the line of Barons and Earls of Stafford (from 1444 to 1521 also Dukes of Buckingham) is derived through this female heiress by a very chequered descent, having suffered three forfeitures and at least as many extinctions. ..."

Avice married Robert II DE STAFFORD, Sheriff Of Staffordshire [3059] [MRIN: 1750], son of Nicholas DE STAFFORD, Sheriff Of Staffordshire [3061] and Matilda MOOLTE [3062]. (Robert II DE STAFFORD, Sheriff Of Staffordshire [3059] was born in , Staffordshire, England, died about 1176 in , Staffordshire, England and was buried in Stone Priory, Staffordshire, England.)

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