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Ancestors of Annora [3292]
Annora [3292]


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Walter DE RYDELEFORD, Lord Of Bray [3291]

Annora [3292]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Walter DE RYDELEFORD, Lord Of Bray [3291]
  • Died: , , England

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"STEPHEN Longespee (-bur Lacock Abbey). ...

m ([16 May/14 Dec] 1244) as her second husband, EMMELINE de Rydeleford, widow of HUGH de Lacy Earl of Ulster , daughter of WALTER de Rydeleford Lord of Bray & his wife Annora --- (-[18 May 1275/19 Jul 1276]). The Book of Lacock records that "Stephanus Lungespee" married "Emelinam comitissam de Ulton". A charter dated 8 Feb 1243 records that "if A. who was wife of Hugh de Lacy will not take for her husband Stephen Longespee, as the king had requested her, the justiciary shall distrain her to do so in accordance with the custom of Ireland". A charter dated 25 Apr 1243 mandates "the justiciary of Ireland to cause Emelina, who was the wife of Hugh de Lacy, to have out of his lands in Ulster 40 librates, until he shall otherwise provide for her". A charter dated 16 May 1244 restored to "Emeline Countess of Ulster…all [her] inheritance from Walter de Rydeleford her father whose heir she is and…dower out of the lands…in Ireland of Hugh late Earl of Ulster her husband". A charter dated 16 Dec 1244 orders an enquiry into "what lands Walter de Rideleford, grandfather of Christiana daughter and one of the heirs of Robert de Mariscia, was seised in fee at his death" and "what lands fell to the share of Christiana and what to that of the Countess of Ulster, aunt of Christiana and wife of Stephen Longespee", and to grant seisin of Christiana´s share to "Fulk de Newcastle…[to whom] the king has granted…Christiana´s lands with her marriage". "Stephen Lungespee and Emelina his wife and her heirs" were granted "a yearly fair at their manor of Tristeldermod in Ireland" dated 16 Jun 1248. A writ dated 20 Jul "4 Edw I", following the death of "Emelina countess of Ulster" names "Emelina the wife of Maurice son of Maurice and daughter of the said countess aged 24 and more and Alan son of Roger la Zouche who had to wife Ela elder daughter of the said countess aged 8 are her heirs". ..."

Annora married Walter DE RYDELEFORD, Lord Of Bray [3291] [MRIN: 1887].

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