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Ancestors of William LE BRETON, Of Long Itchington [3539]
Roger LE BRETON [3542]
(Abt 1200-)
Nicholas LE BRETON, Of Long Itchington [3541]
(Abt 1226-)
William LE BRETON, Of Long Itchington [3539]
(Abt 1253-1285)


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Agnes DE CHETWODE [3540]

William LE BRETON, Of Long Itchington [3539]

  • Born: Abt 1253, Long Itchington, Warwickshire, England
  • Marriage: Agnes DE CHETWODE [3540]
  • Died: 1285, Rotherfield, Oxfordshire, England about age 32

bullet   Another name for William was LE BRETON, LEBRETON, DE BRETON, BRITON, BRETONE, LE BRITO.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"William de Bretton
Birth ABT 1253 Long Itchington, Warwick, England
Death 1285 Rotherfield, Oxfordshire, Eng
Father Nicholas de Breton 1226-_
Marriage Avicia (Agnes) de Chetwode 1261-1285
Child Guy le Bretton 1285-1317"
Source <Warwickshire arms and lineages> Par Frederick Wilson Kittermaster:
"The Arms of Breton, of Long Itchington and Tamworth. Captain John Breton, Member for Tamworth 1585, was son of Richard Breton of Sirescote and Tamworth, and fourth in descent from Richard Breton, of Tamworth (temp. Hen. VII.), and eighth in descent from John Breton, of Tamworth (temp. Edw. III.), which John was son of Guy, and grandson of William de Breton, of Long Itchington, (temp. Edw. I.)
This William mar. Agneta, daug. of William de Chetwode, and was son of Nicholas Breton, of Long Itchington, and third in descent from Robert de Breton, of Bascote (temp. Rich. I.), and sixth in descent from Hugh Breton, Lord of Favershall, who founded the Abbey of Kirkstead in Lincolnshire, A.d. I I 39. "
Source <The Dunstaplelogia: wherein is set forth: the ... progress of the town of ...> Par Charles Lamborn:
... In the fourth year of Edward I. 1276, the king's falconers having had an affray with the servants of William de Breton, who had been confirmed as prior October 8th, 1274, and the chaplains with whom they lodged: the king attended in person, to try the matter, and summoned a jury of thirty-six out of two hundred unconnected with the town or convent, to inquire into the affair. Upon the inquisition, it appeared that the affray began by the falconers, who had killed one of the chaplains in a riotIn 1283, we find the men of Dunstaple and the prior involved again in angry disputation, when the former built sheepcots at Limbury, and drove their sheep and cows there, in order to avoid paying the latter his tithe of lamb's milk and wool. ..." [Our William ?]
Source <>:
Breton of Warwickshire
Warwickshire Arms & Lineages provides a rudimentary pedigree for one branch of this family:
... The following chart is taken from this source:
Nicholas Breton of Long Itchington
William Breton of Long Itchington m Agneta de Chetwode (temp. Edward I)
Guy Breton ..."
Source <Norfolk Archaeology, Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to the ..., Volume 4>:
"The House of the Carmelite or White Friars of Lynn was situated in All Saints' parish, or South Lynn. The only remaining portion of it is a Gateway of the thirteenth century, in Friars Street. It is stated by Speed to have been founded by Lord Bardolf, Lord Scales, and Sir John de Wigenhale, Knt, in 1269. Other authorities say that these were only benefactors, and that the founder was Thomas de Folsham or Feltham, who also founded the Grey Friary in 1264. The latter account would appear to be the more correct, as in 1260 William de Breton was a benefactor to the White Friars. ..." |Our William ?]

William married Agnes DE CHETWODE [3540] [MRIN: 2036], daughter of William DE CHETWODE [3546] and Unknown. (Agnes DE CHETWODE [3540] was born in 1261 in Chetwode, Buckinghamshire, England and died after 1285 in , , England.)

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