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Ancestors of Eleanor [3975]
Eleanor [3975]
(-After 1134)


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Walter DE BOLBEC [3974]

Eleanor [3975]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Walter DE BOLBEC [3974]
  • Died: After 1134, , , England

bullet   Another name for Eleanor was Helewise.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"a) WALTER de Bolebec (-[1142]). ...

m firstly ELEANOR, daughter of ---. The Chronicon Rameseiensis records the donations made by "Walterus de Bolebech…et Heileunis uxor sua et Hugo filius suus", dated to [1133/35]. A charter of Ramsey abbey dated to [1133/37] records that "Walterus de Bolebeche…Heylenius uxor sua et Hugo filius suus" donated "terram de Waltone". The Chronicon Rameseiensis records the donations made by "Helewisa uxor Walteri de Bolebech", dated to 1134. The Liber Vitæ of Durham lists (in order) "Walterus de Bolebech, Sibilla uxor eius, Walterus de Bolebech pater eius, Helvwis mater eius, Hugh de Boleb frater eius, Walt et Hugo fil eius".

m secondly SIBYLLA, daughter of --- (-after 1142). ...

Walter & his first wife had one child:
i) HUGH de Bolebec of Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire (-[1165/66]). ..."
Source <Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists who Came to America Before ...> Par Frederick Lewis Weis,Walter Lee Sheppard,Kaleen E. Beall:
"25. WALTER I DE BOLEBEC, liv. 1133, d. abt. 1142, Baron of Styford, co. Northhants, perh. son of Hugh de Bolebec, liv. 1180; m. Helewise.
26. HUGH II DE BOLEBEC, d. abt. 1165.
27. ISABELLA DE BOLEBEC, d. 3 Feb. 1245; m. (1) Henry de Novaunt (Nonant); m. (2) ROBERT DE VERE, 3rd Earl of Oxford, d. bef. 25 Oct. 1221. ..."

Eleanor married Walter DE BOLBEC [3974] [MRIN: 2304], son of Hugues I DE BOLBEC, Of Whitchurch [3976] and Unknown. (Walter DE BOLBEC [3974] was born in , Buckinghamshire, England and died in 1142 in , , England.)

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