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Ancestors of Joane [3998]
Joane [3998]


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Peter II DE BRUS, Of Skelton [3994]

Joane [3998]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Peter II DE BRUS, Of Skelton [3994]
  • Died: , , England

bullet   Another name for Joane was Joan, Johanna.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"PETER [II] de Brus (-17 Jan 1211, bur Gisburne Priory). The manuscript history of the founders of Gisburne Priory records that "Petrus de Bruse primus filius…Adæ" succeeded his father, died "1211 XVI Kal Feb" and was buried "apud Gysburghe". He succeeded his father as Lord of Skelton. "Petrus de Brus" paid a fine to exchange "villas de Berdeseya et de Colingham et de Rington" for "villa de Daneby cum…foresta de Daneby" which "Rex H." had taken from "Ade de Brus patri ipsius Petri", dated to 1200. Brown states that Peter [II] de Brus confirmed liberties at Walton, granted by "his mother the lady Iveta", to the canons of Helagh Park, by undated charter. The Red Book of the Exchequer records "Petrus de Brus" holding 11 knights´ fees "de honore de Skeltone" in Yorkshire in [1210/12]. The obituary of Gisburne priory records the death "XVI Kal Feb" of "Petri de Brus primi".

m JOAN, daughter of ---. Brown states that the wife of Peter [II] de Brus was "Joan, but her parentage is unknown", without citing the corresponding primary source. Peter [II] & his wife had one child:
a) PETER [III] de Brus (-Marseille 13 Sep 1241, bur Gisburne Priory). ..."
Source <Family Records of the Bruces and the Cumyns: With an Historical Introduction ...> Par Mary Elizabeth Cumming Bruce:
"... Adam: his son, succeeded. His wife was Johanna, daughter of the Earl of Chester, by whom he had Peter, his heir, Sir Roger, Sir Simon,' and a daughter Isabel, married to Sir Henry de Percy, son and heir to Joscelin de Louvain, who married Agnes, daughter and heir of William de Peircy and Adelida de Ennebridge. ...

Peter I., a mighty baron, who married the daughter of Stephen of Champaign, sister's son of the Conqueror, and Earl of Albemarle and Holdernesse.
Desiring earnestly to repossess the lordship and forest of Daneby, taken from Adam, his grandfather, by Henry II., he rendered and quitrented to King John, in the second year of his reign, all his interest in the lordships of Coldingham and Kington, besides giving £1000 sterling in money, and so obtained the restoration of Daneby.
For the health of his soul and the soul of "Joane," his second wife, he makes grants to the hospital of St Nicholas of Yarum. Peter de Brus died 16 Kalend., February, 13th of King John (1211). He was buried at Gisburne.

By Agnes, his first wife, daughter of the Earl of Albemarle and widow of \\Nilliam de Romara, Earl of Lincoln 1--\emdash obeiit ante I168-he left Peter his heir. ..."

Joane married Peter II DE BRUS, Of Skelton [3994] [MRIN: 2316], son of Adam II DE BRUS, Lord De Skelton [426] and Juetta D'ARQUES [529]. (Peter II DE BRUS, Of Skelton [3994] was born in Skelton, Yorkshire, England, died on 17 Jan 1211 and was buried in Gisborough Priory, Yorkshire, England.)

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