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Ancestors of William II LE LATIMER, Sheriff Of Yorkshire [4021]
William I LE LATIMER [4026]
(Bef 1190-)

William II LE LATIMER, Sheriff Of Yorkshire [4021]
(-Between 1268/1268)


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William II LE LATIMER, Sheriff Of Yorkshire [4021]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: Between 8 Feb 1268 and 7 Jul 1268, , , England

bullet   Another name for William was LATYMER, LATIMER, DE LATIMER.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <A Genealogical History of the Dormant: Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct ...> Par Sir Bernard Burke:
"The surname of Latimer is remarked from an old inquisition to have been attributed to Wrenoc, the son of Meirric, who held certain lands by the service of being latimer, that is interpreter between the Welsh and English. Of this name, English history has since boasted of several distinguished personages.

William Le Latimer, in the 2nd Richard I., 1190-1, paid 100 shillings to have a trial at law with Geffry de Valoins, who had possessed himself of part of his park at Billenges, York. To this William s. another,

William Le Latimer, who, in the 38th Henry III., A.d. 1254, was made sheriff of Yorkshire, and governor of the castle at York, and the next year governor of Pickering Castle. In this sheriffalty he continued for nearly five years, during which period he had a military summons to march into Scotland in aid of (the minor) King Alexander (Henry III.'s son in-law), against his rebellious subjects : and be was constituted escheator-general throughout all the cos. of England. In the 47th Henry III., 1263, he obtained the king's precept to the conservators of the peace, in the cos. of York, Cumberland, Northumberland, Lincoln, and Northampton, to make restitution to him of all his lands which had been seized in the baronial war. He appears, however, in those contests to have sided with the crown, for we find him upon the full re-establishment of the power of the king again filling the office of sheriff of Yorkshire, and again governor of the castles at York and Scarborough. ..."
Source <The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England: Or, An Historical and ..., Volume 2> Par Thomas Christopher Banks:
In the time of Richard I. there is mention made of William de Latimer to whom succeeded another William, probably his son.

Which WILLlAM, the 38th of Henry III. was sheriff of Yorkshire, and governor of York castle; and the 43d os Henry Ill. was appointed escheator general throughout all the counties in England North of Trent. And standing firm to the king in his contentions with the confederated barons, he had many other high trusts, and received many fignal marks of royal favour, as well from king Henry, as from his son, king Edward I. And, further, had summons to parliament amongst the barons of the realm, the 28th, 3oth, 32d, and 33d of Edward I. the last year inclusive, in which he deceased; being then jointly seised, with Alice his wife (one of the daughters and coheirs of Walter Ledet), of the one half of the barony of Wardon, in com. Northt.; as also of the moiety of the town and whole hundred of Corby, in the same county, of her inheritance. To whom succeeded WILLIAM, then his son and heir (for John, his eldest son, had died issueless before him), ..."
Source <>:
"William le Latymer
4/25/1236, William Latimer gives the king 20s. for having a writ that the sheriff might cause the record of a plea that was in the court of the wapentake of Aswardhurn between Theobald Hautein and the aforesaid William, concerning two swans. ...

7/22/1254, Appointment, during pleasure, of William le Latimer to keep the county and castle of York. ...

6/20/1255, Commitment to William le Latymer, sheriff of York, … of the castle of Pykering … at his own cost with the county of York so long as he be sheriff of York. ...

Child of William and ?:
i. William le Latimer (15208896), born ~1240 in England.
ii. John le Latimer, born ~1245 in England.
Aft. 5/6/1262, John married, Christiana Ledet, widow of Thomas Gres, sister of William's wife.
1282, John died."

William married.

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