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Ancestors of Sir Wischard LEDET, Lord Of Wardon [4033]
N. LEDET [4051]
Christian, Lady Of Langtone [4052]
Sir Wischard LEDET, Lord Of Wardon [4033]


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Margery FOLIOT [4034]

Sir Wischard LEDET, Lord Of Wardon [4033]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Margery FOLIOT [4034]
  • Died: 1221, , , England

bullet   Other names for Wischard were Richard, Wyschard, Guischard and DE LEDET, LEYDET, LEDDETE.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"Henry de Braybroke & Christina Ledet
~1170, Henry born in England, s/o Robert de Braybok.
~1175, Christina born in England, d/o Wischard Ledet & Margery de Foliot. ...

1221, Wischard Ledet died leaving his daughter Christina as his heir. ..."
Source <The Historic Peerage of England: Exhibiting, Under Alphabetical Arrangement ...> Par Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas,William John Courthope:
"LEDET. Baron by Tenure.
I. John. Wybchard Ledet, Lord of Wardon, co. Northampton ; ob. 1221, S. P. M.
Christiana, his dau. and h., m. Henry de Braybrook, and died 1271"
Source <Mediaeval Manchester and the Beginnings of Lancashire> Par James Tait:
"Thomas Grelley ... His second wife was Christiana, widow of Gerard de Furnival and previously of Henry de Braybrook, a Northamptonshire baron who had been active in the opposition to King John, and daughter and heir of Wischard Ledet (<d. 1221), a fellow tenant-in-chief in Oxfordshire and by marriage lord of the honour of West Warden, near Banbury, the lands of which lay partly in Northamptonshire, partly in Lincolnshire, where the Grelleys, too, it will be remembered, had a great estate. Her second marriage probably occurred shortly after June, 1234, when she paid sixty marks for the royal permission to select a new husband to please herself. She married Grelley after 1242 and survived him nine years, dying in 1271. Her elder son by her first husband took her name, and her estates were ultimately divided between his two granddaughters, Alice and Christiana, who married two brothers, William and John le Latimer; the elder was ancestor of the barons Latimer, the last of whom in the male line won an unenviable notoriety in the concluding years of Edward III's reign, ..."
Source <Annual Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, Volumes 31 à 32> Par Great Britain. Public Record Office:
"Exemplification made at the request of Henry Earl of Derby, the King's cousin, of a final concord passed in the 12th year of the reign of King John between Robert de Braybrook, complainant, and Richard Leydet and Margery his wife, deforciants,, of the manor of Sutton in Bedfordshire. Also of another fine passed in the 8th of Edward II., between Alice le Latymer, complainant, and John de Kynardeseye,, clerk, deforicant, of the said manor of Sutton, and further of the imparlance in the 33rd of Edward I., between Thomas le Latymer and Alice widow of William le Latymer relative to the presentation to the church of Sutton and Biggleswade. ..."
Source <The Visitations of Northamptonshire Made in 1564 and 1618-19 ...>:
"... Henry Braybroke mar. Christian, da. and heir of Whiscard Le.ydyt and of Margaret his wife, da. and heir of Foliott whose name was Richard, son and heir of Robert Foliott and of Margaret hi> wife, da. and heir of Richard Reyncourt, Esq.; which Sir Thomas and Elizabeth his wife had issue,-Richard, their son and heir; Elizabeth, mar. to ... . Teken in co. North'ton; Ann, mar. to ... . Hardwicke in co. Oxon. ..."
Source <A Genealogical History of the Dormant: Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct ...> Par Sir Bernard Burke:
"... Richard Foliot, living 1199, who left an only dau. and heiress, Margery, who m. Whyschard Ledet, son of Christian Ledet, Lady of Langtone, Leicester. The inheritance of this lady (Margery Foliot) was litigated in the 8th Richard I., by Thomas Foliot, Richard de Hidon, Emme de BolereL and Geffrey de Barinton, grand-children of Robert Foliot, and the suit was pending in the reign of King John. ..."

Wischard married Margery FOLIOT [4034] [MRIN: 2342], daughter of Sir Richard FOLIOT, Knt., Lord Of West Warden [4035] and Unknown. (Margery FOLIOT [4034] was born in , , England and died after Apr 1224 in , , England.)

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