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Ancestors of Jeanne DE BATH [4082]
Jeanne DE BATH [4082]
(Abt 1229-After 1299)


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Richard I DE CORNWALL, Earl Of Cornwall, King Of Germany [4081]

Jeanne DE BATH [4082]

  • Born: Abt 1229, , , England
  • Partnership: Richard I DE CORNWALL, Earl Of Cornwall, King Of Germany [4081]
  • Died: After 1299, , , England

bullet   Other names for Jeanne were Icanne, Joan, Jane and VAUTORT, VALLETORT.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"RICHARD, son of JOHN King of England & his second wife Isabelle Ctss d'Angoulême (Winchester Castle 5 Jan 1209-Berkhamstead Castle, Herts 2 Apr 1272, bur Hayles Abbey, Gloucestershire). ...

Mistress (1): JEANNE de Valletort, daughter of ---. ... Earl Richard had one illegitimate son by Mistress (1):
9. RICHARD de Cornwall (-after 1280). ..."
Source <Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy> Par Alison Weir:
"... Richard had the following illegitimate issue: By Icanne de Valletort:
1 Richard de Cornwall (d, after 1280); he married and had issue."
Source <Devonshire: 6>:
"... The manor of Modbury belonged to the Valletorts, barons of Harberton. Roger Valletort conveyed it to Sir Alexander de Okeston, who had married Joan, widow of Ralph de Valletort, supposed to have been a concubine of Richard, Earl of Cornwall, and King of the Romans. ..."
Source <!topic/soc.genealogy.medieval/8wkQoaHKx4g>:
"On the marriages of Joan de Valletort/Vautort, mistress of Richard of Cornwall and the mother of at least one of his illegitimate children, Joan wife of Richard Champernowne of Modbury:
Joan's parentage is unknown. She must not be confused with the Joan Basset of Headington who married our Joan's elder brother Reginald de Vautort (d.s.p. 1245/46). "
Source <The Jesus Presidents: Holy Grail Holy Presidents Holy Nation> Par L. E. Cooper:
6 Richard of Cornwall PLANTAGENE b: 5 Jan 1208/1209 d: 2 Apr 1272, + Joan (Jane) VALLETORT b: ABT 1229 d: Aft 1299
7 Walter CORNWALL b: abt 1245,
8 Margaret CORNWALL b: ab 1276 + James PEVEREL b: ab 1275
9 Hugh PEVEREL b: ab 1300 + Margaret (Elizabeth) COBHAM b: ab 1302
10 Thomas of Park PEVEREL b: ab 1340 d: ab 1422 + Margaret COURTENAY b: ab 1342 d: Bef 8 Dec 1422
11 Catherine PEVEREL b: ab 1382 d: Aft 14Jun 1426 + Walter of Farleigh HUNGERFORD b: 13 Jun l378 d: 9Aug 1449
12 Edmund HUNGERFORD b: ab 1409 d: 26 Mar 1484 + Margery (Margaret) BURNELL b: ab 1410 d: 27 Mar 1486
13 Thomas HUNGERFORD b: ab 1427 d: 31 Oct 1494 + Christina HALL, b: ab 1456 d: 31 Jul 1504 ..."
Source <>:
"... Richard had 5 children by his mistress Joan de Valletort, Philip of Cornwall, who became a priest, Sir Richard of Cornwall, who was slain at the siege of Berwick in 1296, Sir Walter of Cornwall, r. Isabel of Cornwall and Joan of Cornwall. Joan de Valletort was the daughter of Sir Walter de Bath, when her brother Henry de Bath fell into disgrace with the king, he was restored by the intercession of the Earl of Cornwall. ..."

Jeanne had a relationship with Richard I DE CORNWALL, Earl Of Cornwall, King Of Germany [4081] [MRIN: 2374], son of King John OF ENGLAND, "Sans Terre" [751] and Lady Isabelle D'ANGOULEME, Queen Consort Of England [1574]. (Richard I DE CORNWALL, Earl Of Cornwall, King Of Germany [4081] was born on 5 Jan 1209 in Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England, died on 2 Apr 1272 in Berkhamstead Castle, Hertfordshire, England and was buried in Hayles Abbey, Gloucestershire, England.)

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