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Ancestors of Wiburg, Of Leicestershire [4086]
Wiburg, Of Leicestershire [4086]


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John HEREWARD, Knt., Lord Of Framlingham [4085]

Wiburg, Of Leicestershire [4086]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: John HEREWARD, Knt., Lord Of Framlingham [4085]
  • Died: , , England

bullet   Another name for Wiburg was Wilburga, Wilburge.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <A Genealogical History of the Dormant: Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct ...> Par Sir Bernard Burke:
"... John Howard, the father of the judge, was the son of Robert Howard or Herward. There are several charters preserved in which Robert was either a grantor or a witness; and in a line of the 12th of Henrt III- he is judicially described as Robertua, Alius Hawardi. In his own charters, he is sometimes named Robert Herward, Robert Haward, and Robert Howard.

Howard or Herward, the father of Robert, who describe himself Bolely by his name of Harward or Herward, in a grant which he made to the church of St. Mary at Lynn, in the time of Henry II., a charter made with the consent of Wiburg his wife, di ec ed that prayers should be said for the repose of the soul of his father Haward, and of the soul of his grandfather Haward. In this charter, the original of which was, in the 17th century, in the possession of the de Veres, Earls of Oxfont, and a copy of which is at Corby, after the last-named Haward, there is inserted the word "exul," meaning either the canched man, or the exile. The pedigree is thus carried up to Haward or Herward, the exile, who must have lived in the time of, or shortly after, the Norman Conquest, ..."

Wiburg married John HEREWARD, Knt., Lord Of Framlingham [4085] [MRIN: 2376], son of William DE HOWARD, High Steward Of England [4087] and Maud [4090]. (John HEREWARD, Knt., Lord Of Framlingham [4085] was born in , , England and died in , , England.)

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