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Ancestors of Beatrice [4415]
Beatrice [4415]
(-After 1155)


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Peter DE FAUCONBERG, Of Rise & Appleton [4411]

Beatrice [4415]

  • Marriage: Peter DE FAUCONBERG, Of Rise & Appleton [4411]
  • Died: After Jan 1155, , , England

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"... a) PIERS [I] de Faucomberge (-after [Jan 1155]). "Domino Petro de Falcumberga, Andrea fratre eius, Willelmo Foliot…" witnessed the undated charter under which "Everardus de Wichie" quitclaimed rights in Catwick church to Pontefact St John. "Petrus de Falkebergia" donated "medietatem meam ecclesie sanct Michaelis de Catthevic" to Pontefact St John, for the souls of "uxoris mee Beatricis et filiorum meorum Willelmi, Walteri, Stephani", by undated charter (dated to [Jan 1155]).

m BEATRICE, daughter of --- (-after [Jan 1155]). "Petrus de Falkebergia" donated "medietatem meam ecclesie sanct Michaelis de Catthevic" to Pontefact St John, for the souls of "uxoris mee Beatricis et filiorum meorum Willelmi, Walteri, Stephani", by undated charter (dated to [Jan 1155]). Piers [I] & his wife had five children:

i) WILLIAM de Faucomberge ...
ii) WALTER [I] de Faucomberge of Rise, Withernwick, Catwick ...
iii) STEPHEN de Faucomberge ...
iv) ROBERT de Faucomberge ...
v) EUSTACHE de Faucomberge ..."
[and Philip ?]
Source <Early Yorkshire Charters: Volume 1: Being a Collection of Documents Anterior ...> publié par William Farrer:
"... There was a close connection between the families of Arches and Faucomberg, Agnes sister of William de Arches having married, as her second husband, Robert de Faucomberg, by whom she had Peter, born before 1130. Peter de Faucomberg was in possession of Appleton in 1167, holding it jointly with Eustace de Merc. He (Peter) and Beatrice his wife were the parents of Walter and Philip de Faucomberg. ..."
Source <The History and Antiquities of the Seigniory of Holderness: In the East ...> Par George Poulson:
"... - Peter de Falkenberge, living in the reign of Stephen = Beatrix
- Eustachius de Fauconberg, justice itinerant, ...
- William ...
- Sir Philip Fauconberg had a grant of free warren in Appleton, 10 H. III
= Cecily, one of the three dtrs. and co-heirs of Wm. Scotney, 30 H. III.
- Richard de Fauconberg covenants with the prioress of Appleton
- Peter de Fauconberg, 55 H. III. = _

... Peter de Fauconberg, living in the reign of Stephen, was a witness to the confirmation of an exchange inter William le Gross, and Sir John Meaux." He also attests the grant of 100s. in Linton, from Baldwin de Betun to Meaux, 20 H. II. Sir Peter Fauconberg, kn't, son of Walter de Fauconberg, granted to the Collegiate Church of St. John de Beverley, the body of Odo, son of Roger de Ryse, his villein or bondman by birth (nativum) with his whole family and effects. The grant is attested by William, the steward of Sir Peter de Falconberg, Peter his brother, the Rector of Rise, and Will'in, the clerk of the church of the Holy Trinity, in Beverley." ..."
Source <The Chartulary of St John of Pontefract: From the Original Document in the ...> publié par Richard Holmes:
"... Rise, the seat of the family, had been originally held as two manors, one of them being owned by Franco de Falconberg, a vassal of the Domesday lord, Drogo de Bevere. His son or grandson (it is not clear which), Robert de Falkenberg, married Agnes de Arches, widow of Herbert St. Quintin; and their son was the Peter de Falkenberg whose wife Beatrice I have not been able to trace. The coincidence that they should have had a younger son, by name Andrew, the traditional brother of Peter, has been hitherto missed, Andrew having made no name in the world, at least as a Falconberg. Peter had a brave family of boys-certainly six, though he has been usually credited with five only-and of these at least three married heiresses. His eldest son, Sir Philip, seems to have had the bulk of the original property; and he added to it considerably by his marriage with Cecily, co-heir of William Scotney. ..."

Beatrice married Peter DE FAUCONBERG, Of Rise & Appleton [4411] [MRIN: 2576], son of Robert DE FAUCONBERG, Of Rise And Catfoss [4412] and Agnes D'ARQUES, Lady Of Appleton [4413]. (Peter DE FAUCONBERG, Of Rise & Appleton [4411] was born before 1130 in , , England and died after 1167 in , , England.)

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