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Ancestors of Thomas II DARCY, Baron [4596]
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Lord Robert D'ARCY, Baron Of Nocton [4598]
(Abt 1105-Bef 1163)
Alice DE CAUZ [5333]
(Abt 1123-)
Ralph II D'EINCOURT [5338]
(Abt 1115-After 1166)
Thomas I DARCY, Lord Of Nocton [4597]
(Abt 1143-1180)
Alicia D'EINCOURT [5332]
(Abt 1143-Abt 1183)
Thomas II DARCY, Baron [4596]
(-Abt 1196)


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Johanna [4601]

Thomas II DARCY, Baron [4596]

  • Born: Nocton, Lincolnshire, England
  • Marriage: Johanna [4601]
  • Died: Abt 1196, , , England

bullet   Another name for Thomas was D'ARCY, D'ANDRECY, D'ARCEY,, D'ARECI, DARCEY, D'ARCI, DE ADRECY.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <The history and antiquities of the seigniory of Holderness, in the East ...> Par George Poulson,William Dade:
1. Robert de Arcy, H. I
2. Thomas de Arcy, H. II
3. Thomas de Arcy, baron, King John = Johanna
4. Norman de Arcy, baron, H. III
5. Phillipe de Arcy, baron, H. III = Isabella, 2nd daughter & coheir of Bertram
6. Norman Darcy, baron, E. I; ob. 1296
7.1. John
7.2. Philippe darcy, baron, Ed. II
8. (7.2.) Norman Darcy, baron, Ed. III
9. Philippe Darcy, baron ..."
Source <Le nobiliaire universel: ou, Recueil général des généalogies ..., Volume 3> Par Ludovic de Magny (vicomte.):
"... IV Thomas Darcy, I" du nom, confirma, en 1163, les donations faites par Robert, son père, et fut taxé à 13 livres 6 schellings 8 sterlings de relief, comme possédant vingt fiefs et trois quarts de chevalerie, pour la levée de la dot de la princesse Mathilde.
V. Thomas Darcy, IIe du nom, qualifié baron, suivit le roi Richard dans ses guerres de Normandie.
VI. Norman Darcy, IIIe du nom, fils des deux Thomas qui précèdent, fut mis en possession de leur héritage par le roi Jean-Sans-Terre, en 1206. ..."
Source <The Church History of Britain: From the Birth of Jesus Christ Until the Year ...> Par Thomas Fuller:
"Three noble Branches of the Darcyes in the North.
Longer must we insist on the parentage, performances, and posterity of Thomas lord Darcy, finding in the north three distinct branches thereof, whereof the first was
Begun in Norman de Adrecy or Darcy, possessed, under king William the Conqueror, of many manors in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire,]: where Normanby his prime seat seemcth so named by him.
Continued for ten generations, most of them buried in Noketon priory in Lincolnshire, by them founded and endowed; namely, 1. Robert, 2. Thomas, 3. Thomas, 4. Norman, 5. Norman, 6. Philip, 7- Norman, 8. Philip, 9. Norman, 10. Philip.
Extinguished, in Philip Darcy, dying issueless; whose two sisters and co-heirs were married, the one to Roger [dc] Pedwardine, the other, to Peter of Limbergh [Sir Philip Limbury]. ..."
Source <The history of Winterton and the adjoining villages ...> Par William Andrew (of Winterton.):
"... Lord Robert d'Arcy was succeeded by his son, Thomas, who, following the good example of his father, gave to the above priory, many lands and churches. Thomas d'Arcy dying in the twenty-second year of the reign of William the second, left all his property to Thomas, his heir, the fourth baron of that line. This nobleman held twenty knights' fees of the king, for which he attended William in all his wars, and thereby obtained much renown; he also held one of Sir William de Percey, whose only daughter he married;\emdash he died about the year 1196, and was succeeded by his son, Norman, the second of that name. Norman d'Arcy took up arms against Ms sovereign lord, by which he lost his large possessions in Winterton, and different parts, and they were given to one Peter de Warren; but peace soon after ensuing, he had them again restored. ..."

Thomas married Johanna [4601] [MRIN: 2692]. (Johanna [4601] was born in , , England and died in , , England.)

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