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Ancestors of Amaury LE DESPENCER, Sheriff of Rutland [4612]
Simon or Hugh LE DESPENCER [4703]
(-Bef 1154)
Thurstan II LE DESPENCER [4137]
(-After 1177)
Amaury LE DESPENCER, Sheriff of Rutland [4612]
(Abt 1150-1204/1212)


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Amabel DE CHESNEY [2953]

Amaury LE DESPENCER, Sheriff of Rutland [4612]

  • Born: Abt 1150, Ryhall, Rutlandshire, England
  • Marriage: Amabel DE CHESNEY [2953]
  • Died: 1204-1212, , , England about age 54

bullet   Other names for Amaury were Almaric, Amalric and DESPENSER, DE SPENCER.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"14. GEOFFREY4 DE LUCY (GODFREY3, RICHARD2, ADRIAN1) was born Abt. 1174 in Newington, Kent, England, and died 1234. He married JULIANNE LE DESPENSER 1207, daughter of AYMER LE DESPENSER and AMABEL DE CHESNEY. She was born Abt. 1181, and died Aft. 1227. ..."
Source <The history and antiquities of the county of Buckingham, Volume 3> Par George Lipscomb:
"... The estate of Gozelin, the Briton, is presumed to have descended in the same manner as Cublington, and to have passed by Amabel, daughter and heir of Walter de Chesnei, grandson of Gozelin, to Almaric Despencer, in the reign of Ric. I.; and Juliana, daughter of Almaric, being married, first, to William Bardolph, and, secondly, to Peter de Stokes (neither of whom had issue by her), was, circ. 1207 (9 Joh.) married, thirdly, to Geoffrey de Lucy. ..."
Source <>:
"THURSTAN Le Despencer, son of SIMON Le Despencer & his wife --- (-[1177]). The Chronicle of Abingdon records that "Turstinus filius…Simonis" confirmed the donation of "ecclesia de Mercham", which he had wrongly taken back, to the abbey, dated to [1135/54] from the context. m ---. The name of Thurstan´s wife is not known. Thurstan & his wife had two children:

1. AMAURY Le Despencer (-[1198/1212]). "Almaricus Dispensator domini regis" confirmed the donation of "molendino de Dailintona", after the death of "Walterii de Cheisneto patris Amabilis uxoris mee…assensu Eue uxoris eius", to Eynsham abbey by charter dated to [1186/95]. King John confirmed "terra de Wordy et de Stanleia", which King Henry II had granted to "Waltero fratri suo", to "Almarico Dispensatori fil Turstan fratri Walteri fil Turstan heredi eiusdem Walteri" by charter dated 24 Apr 1205. The Testa de Nevill records that "Almaricus Dispensator" held land "in Ewelm" in Oxfordshire in 1198. The Testa de Nevill includes a writ of King John dated 1212 which records that "heredes Aumari Dispensatoris qui sunt in custodia Thome Bluet" owed property to the king in Oxfordshire.

m firstly AMABILIS de Chesney, daughter of WALTER de Chesney & his wife Eva de Broc. "Almaricus Dispensator domini regis" confirmed the donation of "molendino de Dailintona", after the death of "Walterii de Cheisneto patris Amabilis uxoris mee…assensu Eue uxoris eius", to Eynsham abbey by charter dated to [1186/95], confirmed by a separate charter by "Eua de Broc…mariti mei Walterii de Cheisn".
m secondly ADA, daughter of --- (-after 1219). The Testa de Nevill includes a list of landholdings in Yorkshire, dated 1219, which includes "Ada que fuit uxor Almarici Dispensarii" holding land Bampton in Oxfordshire.

Amaury & his first wife had two children:
a) THURSTAN Le Despencer (-after 1219).
b) daughter. King John confirmed "manerium…de Ofsprig" to "Petro de Stok…qui exient de filia Aumaric Despensatoris ux sua" by charter dated 1 May 1205. m PETER de Stokes, son of ---. "
Source <The Historic Peerage of England: Exhibiting, Under Alphabetical Arrangement ...> Par Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas,William Courthope:
"DESPENCER. - Barons by Tenure.
L Will. I 1. Hugh (s. of Thurstan), Despencer, or steward, to King Henry I. , living 1105.
II. Hen. I. 2. Thurstan Despencer, s. and h.
III. Hen. II 3. Walter Despencer, s. and h., to whom King Henry II. gave Wordy and Stanlegh, co. Gloucester; ob. s. p.
IV. Rich. I. 4. Almaric Despencer, bro. and h.
V. John. 5. Thurstan Despencer, s. and h., living 1228.
VI. Hen. III. 6. Geoffrey Despencer, S. and h., held the lands possessed by Hugh, s. of Thurstan, in 1105; ob. 1251. ..."
Source <Collectanea Topographica Et Genealogica, Volume 5> publié par Frederic Madden,Bulkeley Bandinel,John Gough Nichols:
"... In this Hugh and Thurstan I trace the father and grandfather of that Thurstan with whom the pedigree begins, and my opinion is confirmed by a circumstance which seems to place it beyond a doubt, viz. that Geffrey le Despenser, who was father of the Chief Justice held this very land in the time of Henry the Third.
Even from Thurstan the descent can only be traced with certainty by public records for two or three generations. Thurstan had issue Walter and Almaric. Walter died without issue, as appears by a grant to his nephew Thurstan in an. 13 Hen. III. who is therein styled son of Almaric Le Despenser, brother and heir of Walter Le Despenser son of Thurstan, being a confirmation of the lands of Wordy and Stanley, which the King's grandfather (King Henry the Second) had formerly given to the said Walter. ..."
Source <>:
"Almaric le Despenser
Birth Abt 1170
Death Aft 1193
Father Tourstan Despenser 1150-
Wife Amabil de Chesnei 1175-
Child Hugh le Despenser 1200-1237"
Source <The English Baronetage: Containing a Genealogical and Historical ..., Volume 1> Par Arthur Collins:
"... This Thurstan had, as I take it from records, four sons; r. Walter, lord of Stanley, usher of the chamber to King Henry II. who died without issue. 2. Almarick, whose issue failed, about temp. Hen.Ill. 3. Hugh, and 4. Geffry,ofwhom hereafter; from Hugh, descended the great barons Despencer; of whom, Thomas, (called Thomas, lord Despencer and Morganock) was created earl of Gloucester, by King Rich. II. and exhibiting his petition to the parliament, anno 21 Richard II. for revocation of the judgment of exile, against his great-grandfather, Hugh le Despencer, had it granted. ..."

Amaury married Amabel DE CHESNEY [2953] [MRIN: 2148], daughter of Walter DE CHESNEY [4702] and Eve DE BROC [4704]. (Amabel DE CHESNEY [2953] was born in 1154 in , , England and died in , , England.)

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