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Ancestors of John LE ROUS, of Little Modbury, Sheriff of Herefordshire [4615]
William LE ROUS [4618]
Sir Ralph LE ROUS, Knt. [4617]
Alice [5202]
John LE ROUS, of Little Modbury, Sheriff of Herefordshire [4615]


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John LE ROUS, of Little Modbury, Sheriff of Herefordshire [4615]

  • Born: , Devonshire, England
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: , , England

bullet   Another name for John was RUFUS, LE RUS, LE ROUSE.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry; Or, Commoners of ...>: Par John Burke:
This family resided, and was possessed of extensive property and influence, in the West of England for many centuries. It derives its origin from
RADULPHUS LE RUFUS, a Norman knight in the train of the CONQUEROR.
RADULPHUS LE RUFUS, his son and heir, m. the daughter of Asceline de Yvery, a powerful baron in the reigns of WILLIAM II. and HENRY I. and had, with other issue,
WILLIAM LE RUFUS, one of the justices itinerant of the counties of Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, temp. HENRY II. and sheriff of Devonshire in the 21st and 23rd years of the same reign, who was s. by his son,
SIR RADULPHUS LE RUFUS, knt. whose son,
WILLIAM LE ROUS, flourished in the reign of Henry III. and left a son and successor,
SIR RALPH LE ROUS, knt. lord of Little Modbury, in Devonshire, living temp. EDWARD I. By his wife, Alice, Sir Ralph left issue a son,
JOHN LE ROUS, who was himself s. by his son,

WILLIAM LE ROUS, who m. Joan, daughter of Sir Richard Speccott, of Speccott, in the county of Devon, and was s. by his son,
RALPH LE ROUS, who m. Joan, daughter of Robert Godnesford, and had issue,
- RALPH, whose only daughter conveyed by marriage the manor and lands of Little Modbury to the Dymocks, froni whom that estate passed by entail to Lord Bonville, and thence to Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk.
- ROBERT. ..."
Source <An Historical Survey of the County of Cornwall: To which ..., Volume 2,Partie 1> Par Charles Sandoe Gilbert:
"Rous, formerly of Little Modbury, and Edmerston, in Devon, and of Halton, in Cornwall'; but now of Courtyrala, in the county of Glamorgan.--Among the followers of William the Conqueror, in his expedition against Harold, 1066, was Radulphus, or Ralph le Rufus, from whom are descended the several families of lord Rous, of Hengham, in Suffolk; Boughton Rous, of -----; and the Houses of Devon and Cornwall.
Radulph, his son and heir, married the daughter of Asceline de Yvery, and left issue William le Rufus, sherifl' of Devon, in the twenty-first and twenty-third of Henry II, and one of the justices itinerant of the'counties of Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall, in the same reign.. To him, succeeded Radulph le Rufus, knt.; William le Rous, (twenty-seventh Henry 111,) and Ralph le Rous, knt. of Little Modbury, who died in the twenty-fourth of Edward I, leaving issue John, who had issue William, who by Joan, daughter of Sir Richard Speccotte, of Speccotte, knt. had issue Ralph, married to Joan, daughter of Robert Godnesford, by whom he left issue, first, Ralph; second, Robert; and third,_ Baldwin, who died without issue-in'the sixteenth of Edward lll. ..."

John married.

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