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Ancestors of Beatrix [4801]
Beatrix [4801]
(Abt 1090-)


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Robert I DE GRELLY, first Baron of Manchester [3276]

Beatrix [4801]

  • Born: Abt 1090, , , England
  • Marriage: Robert I DE GRELLY, first Baron of Manchester [3276]
  • Died: , , England

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

[The pedigree of Joan De Gresley, who maried with John De La Warre, has not been established with certainty. There was two families, Gresleys and Grellys. The available informations are often inconsistent and contradictory...
Check the names and dates between Joan and Robert Stafford / Tosny !]

Source <>:
i. The Grellys, Barons of Manchester. This family is commonly in some way interwoven with the early Gresleys, with whom it has in reality no kind of connexion. In general the original records keep the forms Grelly, Grailli, Greilli or occasionally Gresle or Greslet for this branch, and only on a very few occasions spell it as Gresley. ...

The first of the name who occurs in records is Albert de Grelly who is found in the Domesday Survey of 1086 as owning land in Lancashire, and occurs also in 1094. Two sons of him are Robert and Alan.

Robert (first Baron Grelle and Lord of Manchester'?) is not infrequently confused with the Robert de Gresley of p. 29. He was the founder of Swineshead Abbey in Lincolnshire in A.D. 1134, and appears to have had, by his wife Beatrix, a younger Bernard as well as Albert.

Robert's son Albert, second Baron Grelly, generally distmguished from his son as 'senex,' married Agnes daughter of William Fitz-Nigel, Baron of Halton in Cheshire...."

Beatrix married Robert I DE GRELLY, first Baron of Manchester [3276] [MRIN: 1877], son of Albert I DE GRELLY [3283] and N. DE STAFFORD [4803]. (Robert I DE GRELLY, first Baron of Manchester [3276] was born about 1090 in , , England and died in 1135 in , , England.)

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