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Ancestors of Alice [4811]
Alice [4811]
(Abt 1070-1141)


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Roland AVENEL, Knt., Sieur de Cordouzieres, des Fontaines, la Tou [1075]

Alice [4811]

  • Born: Abt 1070, , Normandie, France
  • Partnership: Roland AVENEL, Knt., Sieur de Cordouzieres, des Fontaines, la Tou [1075]
  • Died: 1141 about age 71

bullet   Another name for Alice was Alix.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

[Source <Collectanea Archaeologica: Communications Made to the British Archaeological ...>:
"Here we find ourselves at once groping in the dark for some clue to lead us through a labyrinth of bewildering contradictions. That the families of Brionne, Avenel, Avranches, Vernon, and Reviers, were all intimately connected at a very early period there is plenty of evidence, but precisely how and when, the lamentable gap in our official records between 1085 and 1131 renders it impossible at present to determine. All we know is, that where three or four different versions exist all may be wrong, and one only can be right. ...
Check the names and dates !]

Source <>:
"RANDULF Avenell . The 1130 Pipe Roll records "Ranfi Auenelli" in Sussex. m ALICE, daughter of ---. The Fundationis et Fundatorum Historia of Ford Abbey records that "domina Alicia uxor domini Randolphi Avenell filia sua" succeeded "vicecomitissa Adelicia" in "dominio de Okehampton…et castrum Exoniæ". Randulf & his wife had [one child]:
a) MATILDA Avenell (-21 Sep 1173). ..."
Source <Dictionnaire de la noblesse, contenant les généalogies, l'histoire ..., Volume 1> Par François-Alexandre Aubert de La Chesnaye des Bois:
"AVENEL, Sieur de Cordouzieres, des Fontaines, la Touche, en Normandie, Généralité de Caen: André du Chesne, dans son Catalogue des Seigneurs Normands qui furent à la Conquête de Jérusalem, tiré de l' Normandie, par Gabriel du Moulin, fait mention de Guillaume Avenel De-buyards, & de Fralun Avenel; le même, dans un autre Catalogue des Seigneurs Normands qui ont vécu depuis 1011 jusqu'au règne de Philippe-auguste, fait aussi mention d'un Guillaume Avenel. Le Pere Anselme, parle de Landolf D'avenel, marié avec Alix, fille de N.... & d'Adèle de Brionne, morte en 1141.
La Roque cite aussi un Roland Avenel, Chevalier-Banneret, vivant sous Philippe Auguste, en 1110, lequel portoit : d'argent, à 3 aiglettes de gueules posées 2 & 1. ..."
Source <Prosopography of persons occurring in English documents, 1066-1166, Volume 1> Par K. S. B. Keats-Rohan:
"Balduin Vicecomes
Baldwin de Meulles (Eure), son of Gilbert count of Brionne and brother of Richard de Clare (q.v.). Lord of an extensive fief centred upon Okehampton in Domesday Devon (Sanders, 69), of which he was sheriff between c. 1070 and 1086. His sons succeeded him as sheriff, and even his daughters had residual rights in the shrievalty, but the failure of his sons to produce heirs meant that the real power in Devon passed from his family to that of Richard I de Redvers (q.v.). He appears to have been twice married. His first wife (named Albreda in Mon. Ang. v, 269,377) was daughter of the Conqueror's aunt ('amita', i.e. sister of his mother Herleve), according to Orderic Vitalis (iv, 208). Domesday names his second wife Emma; she was perhaps from west Normandy, where Baldwin acquired land at Le Bosc-Baudouin. One of his daughters [Matilda] was married to William fitz Wimund of Avranches (q.v.), who was his tenant in 1086; she married secondly Ranulf Avenel (d. c.1128); another daughter Adelicia 'uicecomitissa' appears to have briefly succeeded her three elder brothers as Baldwin's heir before dying without issue in 1142. ..."

Alice had a relationship with Roland AVENEL, Knt., Sieur de Cordouzieres, des Fontaines, la Tou [1075] [MRIN: 962]. (Roland AVENEL, Knt., Sieur de Cordouzieres, des Fontaines, la Tou [1075] was born in 1065 in , Normandie, France and died about 1130 in , Sussex, England.)

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