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Ancestors of N. LORDING [4862]
Sir William LORDING, Knt. [4863]
N. LORDING [4862]
(Abt 1395-Abt 1425)


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John I SYMONDS, of Croft [4861]

N. LORDING [4862]

  • Born: Abt 1395, , Kent, England
  • Marriage: John I SYMONDS, of Croft [4861]
  • Died: Abt 1425, , Staffordshire, England about age 30

bullet   Another name for N. was LORDINGE, KORDING, LERDING.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <Ancestry of Priscilla Baker: Who Lived 1674-1731, and was Wife of Isaac ...> Par William Sumner Appleton:
I WILL begin the account of this family by quoting all that is printed in " The History And Antiquities of the County of Essex," by Rev. Philip Morant, M.A., 1768. It is found under "The Pool," an estate in the parish of Great Yeldham.
"The family is originally of Croft in Lancashire, where they continued in a direct line for about 20 generations, and at length terminated in females. ...

... , John in the seventeenth descent, by . . . daughter of William Lerding, had two sons, William of Croft; and Robert who marrying . . . daughter and heir of . . . Congreve of Stratton in Staffordshire, settled in that county; and from his descendents issued the Symonds's of Oxfordshire. . . . "
Source <Diary of the marches of the royal army during the great Civil war; ed. by C ...> Par Richard Symonds:
John Symonds of Croft, com. Lancastr.= Daughter of Sir Wm. Lording, Knt.
- Robert Symonds ; went into Stafordshire = Daughter and h. of......Congrave of Stratton
- John Symonds of Stratton = Daughter of...... Gravener of Bellaport, com. Salop, Esq.
- Robt. S 2d son, married and had issue.
- Thomas Symonds of Stratton = Daughter of Tho. Worthington, Gent,
- John Symonds of Newport com. Salop = Margaret, daughter of Thomas Maynard.
- John Symonds of Newport com. Salop = Ann, dau. of Thomas Bendbow.
- William S. married and had issue.
- Richard Symonds of the Poole, an antient seate in his pariah, came out of Shropsh. one of y* Cursistars of y* Chancery; buried in Yeldham Church, July 8, 1627. [Arms. Symonds, impaling. Ermine, a bend vaire or and gules cotised vert.]
+ Elizabeth ye 2d daughter of Robt. Plume, of Yeldham, Gent., ; buried in Yeldham Church, Jan. 27 1611.
- Edward Symonds ...
- Samuel S. ...
- John S. eldest son, one of ye Cursistars of ye Chancery.
- Thomas S. ...
- Richard S. ...
- Margaret ..."
Source <>:
"Kording Lording
Birth 1395 Kent, England
Death 1425 Staffordshire, England
Husband John Symonds 1390-1420
Child Robert Symonds Simmons 1420-1450"

N. married John I SYMONDS, of Croft [4861] [MRIN: 2866], son of William FITZ SYMONDS [4879] and Unknown. (John I SYMONDS, of Croft [4861] was born about 1390 in Croft, Lancashire, England and died in Croft, Lancashire, England.)

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