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Ancestors of Margery [4982]
Margery [4982]
(-After 1276)


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Leonius III DE MANVERS, Lord of Holme [4976]

Margery [4982]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Leonius III DE MANVERS, Lord of Holme [4976]
  • Died: After 1276, , , England

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Source <;view=fulltext>:
- Leonius
- Michael-.... ux. 1.-.... ux. 2.
- Leon. de Maunvers-Marger.
- Johanna. Johannes.
- Henricus Pierpont defunct. 20 E. 1. mil.-Annora consang. & haer. Jacobi, 12 E. 1. ...

The Jury found, 4 E. 1. that Margery who had been wife of Leoninus de Maunoers, permitted her self to be married to Iohn, son of Henry de Nottingham, without the Kings licence, as was believed, being in the gift (or disposal) of the King. ..."

Margery married Leonius III DE MANVERS, Lord of Holme [4976] [MRIN: 2941], son of Michael II DE MANVERS, Lord of Holme [4978] and Unknown. (Leonius III DE MANVERS, Lord of Holme [4976] was born about 1205 in Holme, Nottinghamshire, England and died before 1276 in Holme, Nottinghamshire, England.)

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