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Ancestors of Ernald I LE RUS [4995]
Ernulf LE RUS [4997]
(Abt 1040-)
Sire Roger LE RUS [4996]
(Abt 1060-Bef 1125)
Ernald I LE RUS [4995]
(Abt 1090-Bef 1159)


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Ernald I LE RUS [4995]

  • Born: Abt 1090, , Suffolk, England
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: Bef 1159, Stradbroke, Suffolk, England
  • Buried: Woodbridge Priory, Suffolk, England

bullet   Other names for Ernald were Ernaldus, Ernaud, Arnold, Ernulf, Ernoulf and LA RUSE, RUFUS, RUBENS, LE ROUX, ROUS.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <Index monasticus: or the abbeys and other monasteries, alien priories ...> Par Richard Taylor:
FOUNDATION.--Ernaldus Rutfus or Rous, Ernaldus his son, and " Ernaldus filius Ernaldi secundi," his grandson, are declared to be founders of this monastery, towards the close of the twelfth century. Weever names Sir Hugh Rufus or Rous, knt. as the founder; who, with dame Alice his wife, was buried in the priory church. ..."
Source <A supplement to The Suffolk traveller [of J. Kirby] or topographical and ...> Par Augustine Page,John Kirby:
"STRADBROOK-Stetebroc, or Statebroc.
The ancient family of Le Rus (or Rufus), was enfeoffed of this parish soon after the Conquest. King Stephen, when Earl of Morton, granted to Ernald Rums, son of Roger, the whole manor of Stradbrook, part of the honour of Eye, with the soke and advowsou of the church; and King John confirmed the said grant to Ernald Rufus, to hold as his grandfather held it, in the first year of his reign.

This Ernald, in the 3rd of the said King, gave by deed, for his soul's health, and that of Isabel his wife, and his ancestors, &c., in pure alms to God, St. Mary, and the church of Woodbridge, and the canons thereof, all the tithe of Northaghe and Hunteswyk, in tlus parish; saving a pension of 4s. per annum, to he paid to the Prior and Convent of Eye: dated at Wytingham, in 1201. He is called in the register of Eye Priory, patron of Woodbridge; and his ancestors are declared founders of the Priory there.

In the 10th of Henry IH., Hugh Rufus his son, was one of the collectors of lite fifteenths in Norfolk; and the following year had the grant of a weekly Market here, and at Woodbridge; at the former on Friday, and at the latter on Wednesday. ..."
Source <Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln> Par Francis Seymour Stevenson:
"... Stradbroke was, in relation to the circumstances of the time, a place of greater importance than it is now. It was to receive from Henry III, rather more than half a century later, a grant of market rights, and the large and stately church, which stands on the site of an earlier edifice, and was supplemented by a libera capella in another part of the parish, bears witness to what must have been the existence of a considerable resident population. Several manors were included in the parish, of which the largest was granted in the days of Stephen to Ernald, son of Roger Rufus, or Rous, in the hands of whose descendants it remained for several generations. ..."
Source <>:
"Ernald I le Rus
Birth 1090 Stradbrook,England
Death Bef 1159
Father Roger Ros 1060-1125"
Source <Eye Priory Cartulary and Charters, Partie 2> Par Eye Priory:
"... The first member of this family who can be traced is Roger son of Ernald or Ernoulf who held land in Clopton and Hasketon of Roger the Poitevin in 1086; no tenant is given in Domesday for Roger the Poitevin's holdings in Whittingham and Akenham, but it seems probable that Roger son of Ernald held there as well. In 1094 he witnessed Roger the Poitevin's foundation charter of Lancaster prioiy. Roger was succeeded, sometime between 1094 and 1125, by Ernald son of Roger, presumably his son, otherwise called Ernald Ruffus, and it was he who gave the priory two thirds of his tithe of Whittingham and Hasketon (l.xxxiv). Since the date of his succession is unknown we cannot be certain whether this gift was made during Roger the Poitevin's tenure of Eye during the 1090s or after 1100 when Robert Malet had recovered the honor. At sometime between 1113 and 1125 Ernald I was given the manor of Stradbrokc (which later evidence shows included the manor of Wingfield) together with the advowson of the churches of Stradbrokc and Wingfield in fee-farm by count Stephen of Murrain for an annual rent of £28, ..."

Ernald married.

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