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Ancestors of Sir Hugh LOVELL, Baron of Kary [5072]
Sir Henry III LOVELL, Baron of Kary [5075]
Sir Henry IV LOVELL, Baron of Kary [5074]
(-Bef 1280)
Sir Hugh LOVELL, Baron of Kary [5072]


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Alianora [5073]

Sir Hugh LOVELL, Baron of Kary [5072]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Alianora [5073]
  • Died: 1291, , , England

bullet   Other names for Hugh were Hugo and LUVEL.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <A genealogical history of the house of Yvery, in its different ..., Volume 1> Par James Anderson:
"... THIS Hugh Lord Luvel, succeeded his Father, and was possessed of the Estate in the eighth of King Edward the First, as appears by the Pleading formerly mentioned, wherein he entered into Engagements to pay the Fortune of his Sister Oliva Luvel, then the Wife of John, Baron of Gournay, the Son of Anselm; but he died the nineteenth of Edward the First, A. D. 1291 f, being then seised of the Castle of Kary, and of divers other Lands; and amongst others, of one Knight's Fee, &c. in Alwarton, which Richard de Counteville held of him; and also two Knights Fees in Cricket, and one in Baggripp, now Bawdripp, held by the fame Person.

CHILDREN of HUGH LUVEL, Baron of Kary, by Alianora his Wife:

RICHARD LUVEL, the third of that Name, Baron of Kary, in England; and Lord of a Moiety os the Barony os Wachstriker, in Scoland. ..."
Source <The Historic Peerage of England: Exhibiting, Under Alphabetical Arrangement ...> Par Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas,William Courthope:
"LOVELL (of Castle Cary).
Barons by Tenure.
1. William, the son of Asceline Gouell de Perceval, and grandson of Robert Lord of Yvery in Normandy, assumed the name of Lovell, Lord of Castle Cary, co. Somerset; ob. circa 1155.
3. Ralph Lovell, S. and h.; ob. ante 1159, s. p.
3. Henry Lovell, bro. and h.; living 1186; ob. ante 1199.
4. Ralph Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1207, s. p.
5. Henry Lovell, bro. and h.; ob. 1218.
6. Richard Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1253.
7. Henry Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1262.
6. Richard Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1263, s. p.
9. Henry Lovell, bro. and h.; ob. circa 1280.
10. Hugh Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1291.

Barons by Writ.
I. 1348.
11. Richard Lovell, S. and h., summ. to Parl. from 20 Nov. 22 Edw. III. 1348, to 25 Nov. 24 Edw. III. 1350, as " Richard Lovell;" ob. 1351. ..."

Hugh married Alianora [5073] [MRIN: 3008]. (Alianora [5073] was born in , , England and died after 1296 in , , England.)

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