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Ancestors of Sir Henry I LOVELL, "Lupellus",Baron of Kary [5079]
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Ascelin Gouel DE PERCEVAL, "Lupus" or "Le loup", Comte d'Yvery [5082]
Isabelle DE BRETEUIL [5083]
(-After 1116)
Sir Robert I DE BEAUMONT, 1st Comte De Leicester & Comte De Meulan [1648]
Elizabeth DE VERMANDOIS, Countess Of Leicester And Surrey [1478]
(Bef 1088-1131)
Guillaume Gouel DE PERCEVAL, "Le jeune loup" or "Lupellus", Lord of Castle Cary [5081]
(-Abt 1155)
Aubrée DE BEAUMONT [5089]
Sir Henry I LOVELL, "Lupellus",Baron of Kary [5079]


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Alice [5080]

Sir Henry I LOVELL, "Lupellus",Baron of Kary [5079]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Alice [5080]
  • Died: 1187-1199, , , England

bullet   Another name for Henry was LUVEL.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <A genealogical history of the house of Yvery, in its different ..., Volume 1> Par James Anderson:
"HENRY, the first of that Name, surnamed Lupellus, or Luvel, Baron of Kary.
TO this Ralph succeeded Henry Luvely (first of that Name, his Brother, and also Son of William Gouel de Perceval who upon the Scutage levied that Year viz. the fifth of Henry the Second, 1159) paid five Marks to the Crown. And in the twelfth of Henry the Second, upon the Aid levied for marrying the King's Daughter, certified his Knights Fees to be eighteen de Veteri Feoffamento and one de Novo.
Bv the old Feoffment, is understood such Fees as were granted before the Reign of King Henry the Second, and these were generally very large, most of them being given by the Conqueror, who having confiscated the whole Nation, and having but a few Followers, was obliged to bestow vast Possessions on them. This was the Cause of the great Power of the Barons afterwards, and was doubtless what had been avoided by that Prince, if Necessity had not obliged him of two Evils to choose the least, and to prefer the Hazard of the Disorders which this unequal Distribution of Property, so apparently tended to create in future times, to the manifest and present Danger of leaving so much Property in the hands of the old Inhabitants of the Kingdom, who had inevitably used it, at that Conjuncture, to make off the new Yoke, he had imposed upon them. ...

The Estate of this Henry Luvel consisting thereFore almost jntirely in the old Feoffment, was very considerable, and placed him upon a high Rank a< mong the Barons of that Age.
The next mention we find made of him, is in the twenty-second of Henry the Second, A. D. 1176, when he was amerced in one hundred Marks, for Trespasses in the King's Forrests.
IN the thirty-third of the fame Reign, 1187, he impleaded Robert de Levintone, for certain Lands in Bratone, Dietanefioney and Briveton, in the County of Somerset. After which we hear no further of him.
The Name of his Wife was § Alice, by whom he left Issue

CHILDREN of HENRY LUVEL, Baron of Kary, and of Alice his Wife.
I. RALPH LUVEL, Baron of Kari; of whom in the next Chapter.
II. HENRY LUVEL, Heir to his Brother RALPH, and Baron of Kary. ..."
Source <The Historic Peerage of England: Exhibiting, Under Alphabetical Arrangement ...> Par Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas,William Courthope:
"LOVELL (of Castle Cary).
Barons by Tenure.
1. William, the son of Asceline Gouell de Perceval, and grandson of Robert Lord of Yvery in Normandy, assumed the name of Lovell, Lord of Castle Cary, co. Somerset; ob. circa 1155.
3. Ralph Lovell, S. and h.; ob. ante 1159, s. p.
3. Henry Lovell, bro. and h.; living 1186; ob. ante 1199.
4. Ralph Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1207, s. p.
5. Henry Lovell, bro. and h.; ob. 1218.
6. Richard Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1253.
7. Henry Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1262.
6. Richard Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1263, s. p.
9. Henry Lovell, bro. and h.; ob. circa 1280.
10. Hugh Lovell, S. and h.; ob. 1291.

Barons by Writ.
I. 1348.
11. Richard Lovell, S. and h., summ. to Parl. from 20 Nov. 22 Edw. III. 1348, to 25 Nov. 24 Edw. III. 1350, as " Richard Lovell;" ob. 1351. ..."
Source <The Genealogy of the existing British Peerage with Sketches of the family ...> Par Edmund Lodge:
"EGMONT, EARL OF. (perceval.) - Peer of Ireland and of Great Britain.
Robert De Iverv, supposed to have sprung from a younger son of Eudes, Duke of Brittany, was amongst the most powerful Barons who accompanied William the Conqueror into England, and obtained from that Prince considerable estates in Somersetshire and elsewhere; he d. in Normandy in l083. Ascelin, his eldest son, sometimes called Gouel de Perceval, and, from the violence of his temper and actions, surnamed Lupus, or the Wolf, was continually in rebellion against Robert, Duke of Normandy, and Henrv I., King of England, and at war with his fellownobles; he at one time held out his castle of Breherval, by his own resources alone, against the united power of the King of France and the Duke of Normandy, with all the force they could raise, until, wearied with the tediousness, and disgust id with the difficulties of the siege, they agreed to a treaty with Ascelin ; he d. in 1119. William Gonel de Perceval, his son, surnamed Lupellus, or the Lesser Wolf, whence the surname of Luvel, and at length Lovell, was assumed by his descendants, immediately on coming to his inheritance, joined with Waleran, Earl of Mellent and Leicester, in rebellion against King Henrv I.; and after a defeat in Normandy, narrowly escaped being taken, by exchanging his dress with some peasants, and so accomplishing a passage over the river Seine, he reached his castle of Ivery in safety, and found means to reconcile himself to the King. From this time he resided chiefly in England, and fortified his Castle at Kary, in Somersetshire, against King Stephen. On his death his five sons divided his inheritance; they were,

... 3 Henry Lovell, who added his brother's inheritance to his own share, and succeeded as Baron of Castle Kary. in which he was followed by eight successive Barons, his descendants to the sixth generation; Richard, the last of them, received summons to Parliament, by writ in l348, and d. in l35l, having survived his son James, and his grandson Richard; Muriel, sister of the latter, became heir to her grandfather, and carried the Barony into the family of St. Maur, whence it passed by an heiress into that of Zouche of Harringworth, amongst the co-heirs of which it is still in abeyance. ..."

Henry married Alice [5080] [MRIN: 3013]. (Alice [5080] was born in , , England and died in , , England.)

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