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Ancestors of Maud [5405]
Maud [5405]


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Roger II DE SCALES [5403]

Maud [5405]

  • Born: , , England
  • Marriage: Roger II DE SCALES [5403]
  • Died: 1219, , , England

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <An essay towards a topographical history of the county of Norfolk, Volume 4> Par Francis Blomefield:
"S C A L E S - H A L L.
Roger de Scales, son and heir of Robert, gave 59 l. for scutage in the 13th of king John, and in the 3d of Henry III. a fine was levied between Maud, wife of William de Beauchamp, late wife of Roger de Scales, and Robert, son of the said Roger, of the 3d part of 2 carucates of land in this town, 40s. rent in Wirdlington, with 2 marks rent in Wetherden, in Suffolk, claimed as dower; this Robert married Margery, 3d daughter and co-heir of Fulk de Beaufoe, lord of Hockwold, and in the 19th of that king, was found to hold half a fee in this town, of the honor of Hagenet, or Haughley in Suffolk, and was summoned to parliament by the title of lord Scales.

Robert his son and heir, paid 21/. 5^. relief for the lands that he held in capite, in 34th of the said king, and died about the 51st of Henry III. in which year Sir William de Clifford, efchaetor on this side of Trent, accounted for 31/. Ss. 4*/. issues of the lands of Robert de Scales in this town and Reynham in Norfolk, and Wridlington in Suffolk, for the use of John de Britannia; and in the next year Robert, son of Robert de Scales, by Alice his wife, ..."
Source <Genealogical memoirs of the extinct family of Chester of Chicheley> Par Robert Edmond Chester Waters:
Arms : Gules six escallops Argent.
Roger de Scales, mesne lord of Middleton, Norfolk.founded Blackburgh Nunnery in Middleton, temp. H. II. = Muriel
1. William, eldest son; a monk at Blackburgn in his father's lifetime.
2. Robert de Scales, son and heir; gave Wetherden Church to St. Edmund's Bury in 1198; died before 1203.
- Robert
- Margaret had in frank marriage one knight'a fee in Beneted, Essex ; m. Hugh le Borgoin.
- Roger de Scales, son and heir; died 1215. = Maud, occ. wife of William de Beauchamp in 3 Henry III. ..."

Maud married Roger II DE SCALES [5403] [MRIN: 3197], son of Robert I DE SCALES [5404] and Unknown. (Roger II DE SCALES [5403] was born in , , England and died in 1215 in , , England.)

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