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Ancestors of William III LE BELWARD [5530]
Sir William I LE BELWARD, "Miles", of Malpas [5529]
(Abt 1030-Abt 1099)
Hugues D'AVRANCHES, "Le Gros", "Lupus", 1St Earl Of Chester [3516]
(Abt 1047-1101)
William II LE BELWARD [5525]
(Abt 1060-)
Tanglust [5526]
(Abt 1065-)
William III LE BELWARD [5530]
(Abt 1090-)


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Mabel D'AVRANCHES [5600]

William III LE BELWARD [5530]

  • Born: Abt 1090, , , England
  • Marriage: Mabel D'AVRANCHES [5600]
  • Died: , , England

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

[Many confusions abt the ancestors of David Le Clerc because there were 3 others David and 4 others William in the line of William I (1060) !]

Source <>:
"... .. About 1085, Earl Hugh settled the Lordship of Malpas (mostly a landlord's income stream, not actual possession of land) on his base son Robert-fitz-Hugh. To mitigate this intrusion on the Baron of Malpas, Hugh gave one of his base daughters (Tanglust) as wife to William II, the eldest son of Sir William of Malpas. The two families (Robert fitz Hugh and the son of Sir William) continued their cordial relationship into the next generation, when a daughter (Mabel) of Robert married William III of Malpas

... When we assemble all branches of the Malpas/le Belward family into a single chart, the cited marriages all fit into a single timeline:

960 Owain of Holt
995 Gruffudd
1030 Sir William, miles aka le Belward
l l l
1065 Ralph 1060 William II (a) David 1060
l ____________l_______ _ l
l l l l
1100 Marged===David 1090 1090 William III (c) Einion 1090
l l l
1120 William 1120 Richard Ralph 1125
l l
1150 William (d)======Daughter 1160
1185 Dan David (e), the clerk lv 1251/52

(a) married a base daughter of Earl Hugh the Fat of Chester

(c) married Mabel daughter of Robert fitz Hugh
(d) married Beannan, daughter of Ralph ap Einion ap David ap Sir William by Beatrix daughter of Earl Ranulf II of Chester, sister of Hugh Cyfeiliog
(e) base son, called "the clerk", often misidentified as the 1150 David ap William ..."
Source <Summer Rambles in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire: Being a ...> Par Leo Hartley Grindon:
"... In the time of Henry I., the head of the powerful barony of Malpas was Robert Fitz-Hugh. He had a daughter named Mabilla, who in due time became his heiress, and afterwards the wife of one William le Belward, to whom she brought the property. From this marriage proceeded David, surnamed le Clerc. David, in turn, had a son named Philip, who, fixing his residence in the township of Egerton, three and a half miles east of Malpas, (temp. Edw. I.,) took therefrom, according to the custom of the time, the honoured surname we have before us, and commenced the Egertons properly so called. A different reading of the earliest part of the genealogy says that David le Clerc was son of Ralph, baron of Malpas, by Beatrix, daughter or sister of Hugh Kevelioc, fifth Earl Palatine of Chester. It does not much matter, Philip being the first who actually bore the name. ..." [???]
Source <The History of the County Palatine of Chester> Par J. H. HANSHALL:
"Robert Fitz-Hugh died without issue male, leaving as co-heiresses, Letitia, and Mabilia, his daughters.-The latter married William Belward, and was the ancestor of the Egertons, now of Oulton. In the time of Rich. I. the Barony was divided in moieties between Robert Patric (descendant of Richard Patric, who married Letitia, daughter of Robt. Fitz Hugh) and David le Clerc. The daughter and sole heiress of the last of the Patrics, brought a moiety into the Sutton family; and on the death of William de Malpas, he left his brother Philip Gogh, surnamed de Egerton, his heir. David le Clerc, however, bastard son of William, by Beatrix de Montalt, got possession of the Barony, and bequeathed it to his daughters, Beatrix, wife of Roderic ap Gryffyn, and Idonea, wife of Urian de St. Pierre, between whom a partition was made temp. Hen. III. ..."

William married Mabel D'AVRANCHES [5600] [MRIN: 3326], daughter of Robert D'AVRANCHES [5601] and Unknown. (Mabel D'AVRANCHES [5600] was born about 1100 in Chester, Cheshire, England and died in , , England.)

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