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Ancestors of Margery DARELL [5534]
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William DARELL, of Littlecote House [5044]
(Abt 1380-)
Elizabeth CALSTON [5045]
(Abt 1390-)
Sir William HAWKE, Knt. [5783]
(Abt 1400-)
Margaret WIDVILLE [5784]
(Abt 1405-)
Sir George DARELL, Knt., of Littlecote House, Sheriff of Wilts [5636]
(Abt 1430-)
Jane HAWKE [5772]
(Abt 1430-)
Margery DARELL [5534]
(Abt 1455-)


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Sir Thomas LONGE, Knt., of Draycot & Wraxhall, Sheriff of Wiltshire [5514]

Margery DARELL [5534]

  • Born: Abt 1455, Littlecote House, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, England
  • Marriage: Sir Thomas LONGE, Knt., of Draycot & Wraxhall, Sheriff of Wiltshire [5514]
  • Died: , Wiltshire, England

bullet   Another name for Margery was Margaret, Mary.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <Wikipedia>:
"Sir Thomas Long of Draycot (c. 1451-1508) was an English politician.

Born in Wiltshire, the son of John Long and his wife Margaret Wayte, he succeeded to the Draycot estates on the death of his father on 20 September 1478, and inherited South Wraxall from his uncle Henry Long in 1490. Long was among the 'great compaignye of noble men' who went with Edward, Duke of Buckingham, in 1496 to meet the King at Taunton, then in pursuit of Perkin Warbeck. In 1501 he received a knighthood at the marriage of Henry VII's eldest son, Arthur, Prince of Wales, and he was also at the reception of Catherine of Aragon at Shaftesbury in October of that year.

Long was elected Member of Parliament for Westbury in 1491. He was appointed High Sheriff of Wiltshire in 1500 and again in 1506.

He married Margery, daughter of Sir George Darell, of Littlecote House, and had one daughter and seven sons, including Sir Richard Long (c.1494-1546) and Sir Henry Long.

Long died in 1508 and his remains are entombed in a 'rich gothique altar monument' (as described by John Aubrey) in St James's Church, Draycot Cerne, Wiltshire. Hanging above his tomb until recently, and authenticated by the British Museum, were his armour Haume (helmet) and gauntlets, dating from c.1490. These are now safely kept in the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes.

The present Charles, Prince of Wales is a descendant of Sir Thomas Long, as is Mark Phillips, the first husband of Anne, Princess Royal."
Source <A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great ..., Volume 4> Par John Burke:
"THOMAS LONGE, of Semington, in the parish of Steeple Ashton, directs, by his will proved in 1509, to be buried in the chapel of St. George, at Semington, which chapel of St. George we find noticed in the will of Henry Longe, of Wraitall, who d. in 1490, (see p. 212, vol. 3.) He mentions his brother, William Longe, as being then living, and left by Johan, his wife, the following issue,
The eldest son,
Henry Longe, of Trowbridge, s. his father, d. in 1535, and was buried in the chapel at Semington, leaving issue by Johan, his wife,

The fourth son,
HENRY LONGE, of Whaddon. m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Horton, of Iford, in the county Wilts, grandson of Sir Roger Horton, of Catton, in the county of Derby, and by her, who d. n 1562, had issue,
VI. Anne, m. William Yerbury, grandson ot' Lawrence Yerbury, of Batcombe, and had issue. ..."
Source <>:
"Marjery Darell Litttlecote
Father George Darrell
Mother Margaret Stourton 1433-1474
Husband Sir Thomas Long 1449-1510
Child Sir Richard Long 1474-1546"
Source <The History of the Noble House of Stourton, of Stourton, in the County of Wilts> By Ch. Botolph:
"v.-Margaret Stourton, married Sir George Darell, of Littlecote, Co. Wilts, knight. Sheriff of Wilts 33 Henry VI., and r, 5 and 9 Edward IV. Heir of his mother, Elizabeth Darell, wife of William Darell, Esquire, and daughter of Thomas Calston, Esquire, of Littlecote, and thus acquired that estate, which was sold by his descendant to Sir John Popham. His mother died 18th June, 4 Edward IV. , seised of Podriggebury Manor, then held of Elizabeth Venour, as of her Manor of Westbury in Offeley, Sir George Darell being then 36 years and upwards, and seised in fee thereof, which he granted by charter Mth February, 13 Edward IV., to Thomas, Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury, and others, in fee simple, and died on Monday before the Feast Of the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary then last. With his brother-in-law, Sir Reginald Stourton, he was appointed by the king on the 20th October, 1462, a commissioner to array and muster the king's liege subjects of Co. Wilts, in consequence of notice having then been received of an intended invasion by the Scots and French at the instigation of the great rebels of his kingdom. Sir George Darell was keeper Of the great wardrobe to King Edward IV. Their daughter Elizabeth Darell, married, as his first wife, Sir John Seymour, knight, who was an infant 14 years Old in 1464, at the death of his grandfather, Sir John Seymour, knight, of Evinswinden, who was aged 20 years in 1420. ...

According to a tradition in the Long family, the common ancestor thereof married a Stourton, probably about the time (judging from the pedigree) of Edward III. or Richard II. It was clear that Rogerus de Lang or Longs grandmother was a Berkeley of Beverston, that his mother was an heir of the Zouche family, and his wife a daughter and heir of that of St. Maur, probably of the same families as inherited Stourton. Again Sir Thomas Long, of Draycot Cerne, married Mary, a daughter by the second wife of Sir George Darell, of Littlecote, Co. Wilts., whose first wife was Margaret, daughter of John, 1st Lord Stourton. ..."
Source <A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and ...> Par John Burke:
"... William Darell, of Littlecote, was succeeded by his eldest son, SIR GEORGE DARELL, knt. of Littlecote, who married, first, Margaret, daughter of John, Lord Stourton, and had an only daughter, Elizabeth, m. to Sir Henry Seymour, who died 7th HENRY VII. He wedded, secondly, Jane, daughter of Sir William Hawke, knt. by Margaret, his wife, daughter of Sir Richard Widvile, and left a son and successor, SIR EdwanD DARELL, knt. of Littlecote, ..."

Margery married Sir Thomas LONGE, Knt., of Draycot & Wraxhall, Sheriff of Wiltshire [5514] [MRIN: 3266], son of John LONG, of Draycot Cerne [5519] and Margaret WAYTE [5637]. (Sir Thomas LONGE, Knt., of Draycot & Wraxhall, Sheriff of Wiltshire [5514] was born about 1451 in , Wiltshire, England, died in 1508 in Draycot Cerne, Wiltshire, England and was buried in Wraxall Manor chapelle, Somersetshire, England.)

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