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Ancestors of William DE RUDDINGTON [5845]
Michael DE RUDDINGTON [5849]
Richard II DE RUDDINGTON [5846]
Margareta [5848]
William DE RUDDINGTON [5845]


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Margerie MARTEL [5847]

William DE RUDDINGTON [5845]

  • Marriage: Margerie MARTEL [5847]

bullet   Other names for William are Williemus and ROTINGTON, RUTINGTON, RODDINGTON.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <>:
"William Rodington
Birth Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, England
Death Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, England
Father Richardus II Rodington
Mother Margareta
Child Richard III Rodington Martel -1235"
Source <The Topographer and Genealogist, Volume 1> publié par John Gough Nichols:
"... Sir William's wife, Margery Martel, was a considerable heiress, and of a family long seated at Chilwell.
Richard Martel was of Ruddington manor in Chilwell temp. Edw. I.; and one of this family, 27 Edw. I., married a coheir of Glapton. ..."
Source <>:
"... Richard de Roll. confirmed the Gift of Michael, Son of Richard de Rutington of four Bovats of Land, (fn. 13) which were Fulco's, the Brother of the said Richard, which William his Son held after him, to the Monastery of Lenton, and that they might be more secure, William de Roll. his Son and Heir, and Ralph his Brother did quit their Claim in his Presence to the said Monastery.

William, Son of Richard de Rotington, confirmed the Gift of Galfr. de Malquinci, his Uncle of four Acres, to the said Priory. And Richard, Son of this William, confirmed the Gifts of Richard his Grandfather, Son of Michael de Rutinton, and likewise gave his Meadow called Godwinesholm, which lay near Clifton Water Mill, in the Year 1234, being at Lenton Fair, to that Monastery.

This last Richard de Rutinton, 12 H. 3. claimed against Robert Pavilli ten Bovats of Land in Burton, and four Bov. and an half here, as Heir to Galfr. de Malquinci, who died without Issue in the Time of R. 1. for which there was a Duel waged and sought, and the Man of Robert Pavilli was vanquished in the Field.

The Sheriff of Nott. 14 H. 3. was commanded that the Imparlance (loquela) which was in this County, between Richard de Rudington, and Robert de Pavillis concerning that, that the said Robert should do suit to the Court of the said Richard at Rudington, should he respited while the said Robert was in the King's Service beyond the Seas; the King at that Time made his Voyage into Britany.

John, Son of Sigerus de Clifton, remised to Richard called Martell of Rodington Lands, (fn. 17) sometime the Bishop of Dunblanes; the Witnesses were Sir John de Leke, Sir Galfr. de Stapleford, Knights, Richard de Pavelli of Rodington, Henry Poutrell of Thurmeton, &c. in the Time of E. 1. 'Tis like the Bishop was of this Family, and that Rodingtons were afterwards called Martells. ..."
Source <>:
"Michael, the son of Richard de Rutington, gave to the Priory of Lenton four bovates of land in Ruddington, which had
formerly been held by Fulco, brother of the said Richard, and, since his death, by his son William. This gift was afterwards confirmed to the Priory by Richard, the son of Michael de Rutington, whose sons, William and Ralph, likewise yielded all claim to the same in the presence of the monastery. William de Rutington (one of the last-named) confirmed the gift of four acres of land in Ruddington, which had been bestowed upon the Priory by Geoffrey de Malquinci, his uncle. And at another time, Richard de Rutington, son of this same William, being at Lenton fair in 1234, confirmed certain gifts which Richard, his grandfather, had made to the monastery, and gave to the monks a certain meadow called Godwinsholme^ which lay near to the water-mill at Clifton.-* "

William married Margerie MARTEL [5847] [MRIN: 3477]. (Margerie MARTEL [5847] was born in , , England and died in , , England.)

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