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Ancestors of Sainte Adele DE FRANCE [762]
Sainte Adele DE FRANCE [762]


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Baudouin V DE FLANDRE, Dit Baudouin Le Pieux Ou De Lille [761]

Sainte Adele DE FRANCE [762]

  • Born: 1009, , , France
  • Marriage: Baudouin V DE FLANDRE, Dit Baudouin Le Pieux Ou De Lille [761] in 1028 in Paris, Ile de France, France
  • Died: 8 Jan 1079, Messines, Flandres, Belgique at age 70

bullet   Other names for Adele were Adela and Alix.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <Wikipedia>:
"Adèle de France, dite aussi parfois Alix de France (née en 1009 - morte à Messines le 8_janvier 1079), était la fille de Robert II, roi de France, et de Constance d'Arles. Elle était comtesse de Corbie, duchesse consort de Normandie (en 1027) par son mariage avec Richard III de Normandie et comtesse consort de Flandre (de 1037 à 1067) par son mariage avec Baudouin V de Flandre.
En 1027, alors âgée de 18 ans, elle épouse en premières noces Richard III de Normandie (997 † 1027), duc de Normandie, mais ce dernier meurt quelques mois plus tard et le mariage reste sans postérité.
Elle se remarie en 1028 à Paris avec Baudouin V (1012 † 1067), comte de Flandre, ils eurent 3 enfants:
Baudouin VI, (1030 † 1070)
Mathilde (1032 † 1083), mariée en 1053 à Guillaume le Conquérant, duc de Normandie, neveu de Richard III.
Robert Ier de Flandre, dit aussi Robert le Frison (1033-1093)"
Source <Wikipedia>:
"Adela Capet, Adèle of France or Adela of Flanders, known also as Adela the Holy or Adela of Messines; (1009 \endash 8 January 1079, Messines) was the second daughter of Robert II (the Pious), and Constance of Arles. As dowry to her future husband, she received from her father the title of Countess of Corbie.

Her family
She was a member of the House of Cape, the rulers of France. As the wife of Baldwin V, she was Countess of Flanders from 1036 to 1067.
She married first 1027 Richard III Duke of Normandy (997 † 1027). They never had children. As a widow, she remarried in 1028 in Paris to Baldwin V of Flanders (1012 † 1067). Their children were:
Baldwin VI of Flanders, (1030 † 1070)
Matilda of Flanders (1032 † 1083). In 1053 she married William Duke of Normandy_the_Conqueror, the future king of England
Robert I of Flanders, (1033-1093)
Henry of Flanders (c. 1035)
Sir Richard of Flanders (c. 1050-1105)

Political influence
Adèle's influence lay mainly in her family connections. On the death of her brother, Henry I of France, the guardianship of his seven-year-old son Philip I fell jointly on his widow, Ann of Kiev, and on his brother-in-law, Adela's husband, so that from 1060 to 1067, they were Regents of France.

Battle of Cassel (1071)
When Adela's third son, Robert the Frisian, was to invade Flanders in 1071 to become the new count (at that time the count was Adela's grandson, Arnulf III), she asked Philip I to stop him. Philip sent troops in order to aid Arnulf, being among the forces sent by the king a contingent of ten Norman knights led by William FitzOsborn. Robert's forces attacked Arnulf's numerically superior army at Cassel before it could organize, and Arnulf himself was killed along with William FitzOsborn. The overwhelming triumph of Robert made Philip invest him with Flanders, making the peace. A year later, Philip married Robert's stepdaughter, Bertha of Holland, and in 1074, Philip restored the seigneurie of Corbie to the crown.

Church influence
Adèle had an especially great interest in Baldwin V's church-reform politics and was behind her husband's founding of several collegiate churches. Directly or indirectly, she was responsible for establishing the Colleges of Aire (1049), Lille (1050) and Harelbeke (1064) as well as the abbeys of Messines (1057) and Ename (1063). After Baldwin's death in 1067, she went to Rome, took the nun's veil from the hands of Pope Alexander II and retreated to the Benedictine convent of Messines, near Ypres. There she died, being buried at the same monastery. Honored as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, her commemoration day is 8 September."

Adele married Baudouin V DE FLANDRE, Dit Baudouin Le Pieux Ou De Lille [761] [MRIN: 881] in 1028 in Paris, Ile de France, France. (Baudouin V DE FLANDRE, Dit Baudouin Le Pieux Ou De Lille [761] was born about 1012 in Arras, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France and died on 1 Sep 1067 in Lille, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France.)

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