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Ancestors of Robert HOLMES, Jr [860]
George HULME [982]
(Abt 1514-1558)
Robert HULME, Sr [941]
(Abt 1555-1605)
Alice [942]
Robert HOLMES, Jr [860]


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Katherine JOHNSON [873]

Robert HOLMES, Jr [860] 6,40

  • Christened: 18 Aug 1578, Stockport, Cheshire, England 6
  • Marriage: Katherine JOHNSON [873] on 8 Oct 1605 in Stockport, Cheshire, England 6
  • Died: 12 Nov 1640, Stockport, Cheshire, England at age 62 6

bullet   Other names for Robert were HULLME, HULME and HULMES.

bullet  Sources, Comments and Notes:

Source <This Old Monmouth of Ours> Par William S. Hornor:
"OBADIAH HOLMES, Patentee. The name is found in the Domesday Book under Tenants in Chief, as de Holmo. Robert Holmes, who lived, I think, in the Manchester district of England, was buried 1-14-1604-5. His wife, Alice, was buried 9-7-1610. Their son Robert, buried 11-12-1640, married, 10-8-1605. Katherine Johnson, buried 9-8-1630. These last were the parents of the Reverend Obadiah Holmes, born 1607, died 10-15-1682, buried at Middletown, Rhode Island. ..."
Source <Baptist piety: the last will & testimony of Obadiah Holmes Par Obediah Holmes,Edwin Scott Gaustad>:
"... Into this milieu, one in which it was hardly necessary to argue that religion was a matter of life and death, Obadiah Holmes was born as the second son of Robert Holmes and Catherine Johnson Holmes (the family name was at the time more commonly spelled Hulmes or Hullme) ..."
Source <> :
"ROBERT HULME (Robert1). Born in England. Robert was baptized in Stockport, Lancastershire, England, on 18 Aug 1578. Robert died on 12 Nov 1640 in Stockport, Cheshire, England. On 8 Oct 1605 Robert married Katherine JOHNSON, in Stockport, England. Born in England. Katherine was baptized in Manchester Cathedral, London, England, on 15 Feb 1574/1575. Katherine died in 1630 in England. Buried on 8 Sep 1630 in Stockport, Chesire, England. They had the following children:

i. John. Born bef 3 May 1607 in England. At the age of <1, John was baptized in Stockport, England, on 3 May 1607. John died bef 1640; he was 32.
ii. OBADIAH (ca1606-1682)
iii. Joan. Born bef 2 Feb 1610/1611 in England. At the age of <1, Joan was baptized in Didsbury, England, on 2 Feb 1610/1611.
iv. Samuel. Buried on 2 Nov 1613 in Stockport, England.
v. Samuel. Born bef 23 Feb 1616/1617 in England. At the age of <1, Samuel was baptized in prb Didsbury, England, on 23 Feb 1616/1617.
vi. Nathaniel. Born bef 12 Jul 1618 in England. At the age of <1, Nathaniel was baptized in Didsbury, England, on 12 Jul 1618. Buried on 10 Sep 1631 in Stockport, England.
vii. Robert. Born bef 25 Mar 1621/1622 in England. At the age of <1, Robert was baptized in Stockport, England, on 25 Mar 1621/1622.
viii. Joseph. Buried on 13 Jun 1623 in Stockport, England.
ix. Joseph."
Source <>:
"Robert HOLMES (HULME) was born on 18 Aug 1578 in , Stockport, Lancashire, England and was christened on 18 Aug 1578 in Reddish, Manchester, Lancs, Eng. He died on 24 Nov 1649 in , Stockport, Lancashire, England and was buried on 24 Nov 1649 in Stockport, Manchester, Lancaster, England. He was sealed to his parents on 9 Mar 1984 in the Jordan River Utah temple. Robert was baptized on 15 Feb 1938. He was endowed on 7 Dec 1938. Robert married Katherine JOHNSON on 8 Oct 1605 in St. Mary, Stockport, Cheshire, England. They were sealed on 14 Dec 1925 in the Logan Utah temple."
Source <>:
"From Gene Rooks.
Robert Hulme II was referred to as a husbandman. He had inherited land in Reddish in the Parish of Manchester from his father, and passed it on to another son, Robert, mentioning that "it has been held ... by my predecessors tyme out of mynd". He and Kathering had nine children, baptized at either Didsbury or Stockport. John and Samuel graduated from Oxford, and possibly Obadiah attended there, also. Obadiah wrote in a letter in 1675 "First, I must remember my honored parents, who were faithful in their generation, and of good report among men, and brought up their children tenderly, and honorably. Three sons they brought up at the University of Oxford; but the most part of their care was to inform and instruct them in the fear of the Lord, and to that end gave them much good counsel, carrying them often before the Lord by earnest prayer.""
Source <>:
Robert and Katherine (Johnson) Hulme, farmers, were married at Stockport, near Manchester, on the 8th day of October, 1605. He inherited his father's lands. His burial was at Stockport on 12 Nov 1640. His will, dated 20 August 1640, was proved at Chester 24 November 1649 by Robert Hulme, one of the executors, power being reserved to the other executor, Hugh Johnson, whom the testator styles "brother-in-law". By this will, Obadiah Hulme was given as his legacy ten pounds being dependent on the death, under age, of a younger brother. Robert Hulme bequeathed to his son Robert "my estate and interest," etc., "in the messuage in which I now dwell and which has been held," etc., "by my predecessors tyme out of mynd", hoping "my right worshippfull master Edward Cooke esq. will dale mercifullie with him.".
Katherine (Johnson) Hulme was buried at Stockport 8 Sep 1630.

The children of Robert and Katherine (Johnson) Hulme:
1. John, bpt at Stockport 3 May 1607; matriculated at Brasenose College, Oxford, as son of Robert Hulme of Reddish, "pleb.", 18 Nov. 1625, aged 17. As he is not named in his father's will it is probable that he died before 1640.
2. Obadiah (our ancestor) He came to America before his father's death.
3. Joan, bpt. at Didsbury 2 Feb 1610/11
4. Samuel, bur. at Stockport 2 Nov 1613
5. Samuel, perhaps bapt. at Didsbury 23 Feb 1616/17; matriculated at Brasenose College, Oxford. To him his father bequeathed "6s.8d. and no more, in regard of the former great charges I have been putt unto in and about his education."
6. Nathaniel, bpt. at Didsbury 12 July 1618 buried at Stockport 10 Sep 1631
7. Robert, bpt. at Stockport 25 Mar 1621. He inherited his father's holding at Reddish.
8. Joseph, buried at Stockport 13 June 1623
9. Joseph, youngest son, named in father's will of 1640, and then under 21. His father left him 40 pounds and all his books."

Robert married Katherine JOHNSON [873] [MRIN: 524], daughter of William JOHNSON [968] and Unknown, on 8 Oct 1605 in Stockport, Cheshire, England.6 (Katherine JOHNSON [873] was christened on 15 Feb 1574-1575 in London, Middlesex, England,6 died in 1630 in Stockport, Cheshire, England and was buried on 8 Sep 1630 in Stockport, Cheshire, England 6.)

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