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Ancestors of Sir William II LONGESPEE, Earl Of Salisbury [864]
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King Henri II OF ENGLAND, Plantagenêt, Duc De Normandie, ... [753]
Ida DE TOSNY [132]
(Abt 1155-1199)
Earl William Fitz Patrick DE SALISBURY, Comte D'evreux [1203]
Eleanor DE VITRÉ, Countess Of Salisbury [1201]
(Abt 1160-1233)
Sir William I LONGESPEE, Earl Of Salisbury [936]
Countess Ela DE SALISBURY [937]
(Abt 1176-1261)
Sir William II LONGESPEE, Earl Of Salisbury [864]
(Abt 1208/1209-1249/1250)


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Idoine DE CAMVILLE [865]

Sir William II LONGESPEE, Earl Of Salisbury [864] 2

  • Born: Abt 1208-1209, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England 2
  • Marriage: Idoine DE CAMVILLE [865] in 1226 in , , England
  • Died: 7 Feb 1249-1250, Mansourah, Egypte about age 41

bullet   Another name for William was Guillaume.

bullet  General Notes:

Source <Wikipedia>:
"Sir William II Longespée, long sword in French, (c. 1212 \endash 8 February 1250) was the son of William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury, and Ela, 3rd Countess of Salisbury. His death became of significant importance to the English psyche, having died as a martyr due to the purported mistakes of the French at the Battle of Mansurah, near Al-Mansurah in Egypt.
Longespée made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1240, and again in 1247. The second time, he proceeded to Rome and made a plea to Pope Innocent IV for support...

Marriage and issue
William married Idoine de Camville, daughter of Richard de Camville & Eustacia Basset. They had two sons and two daughters:
Edmund Longespée, The Book of Lacock names "Guill Lungespee tertium, Ric´um, Elam et Edmundum" as the children of "Guill Lungespee secundus" & his wife.
Ela Longespée, married James De Audley (1220\endash 1272), son of Henry De Audley and Bertred Mainwaring
William III Longespée, married Maud de Clifford, granddaughter of Llewelyn ap Iorwerth, Prince of North Wales. Their daughter Margaret married Henry de Lacy, 3rd Earl of Lincoln.
Richard Longespée."
Source <Wikipedia>:
"Guillaume de Longue-Épée ...
On lui connaît huit enfants, quatre garçons et quatre filles. L'aîné (né vers 1209) également prénommé Guillaume participa à deux croisades. Il fut à Acre en 1240-1241, puis participa à la septième croisade , ou il rejoignit l'armée de Louis IX de France à Damiette en , en juin-juillet 1249. Il dirigea un contingent anglais de 200 hommes présent en Égypte."
Source <Plantagenet ancestry: a study in colonial and medieval families> Par Douglas Richardson,Kimball G. Everingham:
"4. WILLIAM LONGESPEE, Knt, of Amesbury, Trowbridge, and Aldbourne, Wiltshire, Caneford, Dorset, Baron of Chitterne, Wiltshire, and, in right of his wife, of Avington, Berkshire, Brattlebv, Lincolnshire, Bicester, Middleton (in Middleton Stoney), and Stratton (in Stratton Audley), Oxfordshire, etc., son and heir, born say 1208 (minor at his father's death in 1226, confirmed his mother's charter in 1229). He married by arrangements dated April 1216 IDOINE DE CAMVILLE, daughter and heiress of Richard de Camville, of Avington, Berkshire, Godington, Middleton (in Middleton Stoney), and Stratton (in Stratton Audley), Oxfordshire, bv Eustache, daughter and heiress of Gilbert Basset, of Bicester and Wretchwick, Oxfordshire. She was of age in 1226. They had two sons, William, Knt., and Richard, and two daughters, Ela and presumably Agnes (nun) (Abbess of Shaftesbury). He took part in the King's expedition to Brittany in 1230. He was knighted by the king at Gloucester in 1233. In 1237-8 he unsuccessfully claimed by hereditary right custody of Salisbury Castle and the county of Wilts. Thereafter the title of Earl of Salisbury-was withheld from him. Sometime before 1240 he gave his lands in Diddenham (in Shinfield), Farley |Hill| and Hinton (in Hurst), and Shcepbridge (in Swallowfield), Berkshire to Henry dc la Mare, Knt. He went on a crusade to Palestine with Richard, Earl of Cornwall, from June 1240 to early 1242. He took pan in an expedition to France in 1242-1243, fighting at Saintes. He was in Wales on service in 1245. In 1247 he again took the cross, staning in July 1249 as leader of the English crusaders. SIR WILLIAM LONGESPEE was slain fighting against the Saracens at the Battle of Mansourah on the Nile in Egypt 7 Feb. 1249/50. His widow, Idoine, died between 1 Jan. 1250/1 and 21 Sept. 1252."
Source <Family Forest Descendants of Milesius of Spain for 84 Generations> Par The Family Forest National Treasure Edition by Bruce H. Harrison:
"Earl Sir William Longespee (Earl William , King Henry II of. Queen Matilda of England. Matilda of Scotland. King Malcolm III Canmore of. King Duncan I of . Bet hoc of Scone. King Malcolm II of. King Kenneth II of . King Malcolm I of. King Domnall II of, King Constantino I of. King Kenneth. King Alpin of. King Eochaid IV the Venomous of. King Aedh Find the While of . King Eochaidh III of , King Eochaidh II Crook-Nose of. King Domangart II of. King Domnall Brecc ihc Speckled of. King Eochaidh Buidhc of. King Aidan of'. King Gabhran of .
Died 7 Feb 1249/50 in Mansura. Egypt. He married in 1220 Idonea de Camville: died 1252. daughter of Richard de Camville and Eustacia Basset
Facts for Earl Sir William Longespee
2nd Earl of Salisbury Name also shown as Sir William Longespee. slain in battle with the Saracens at Mansura on the Nile.

Facts for Idonea de Camville
Only daughter and heiress of Richard de Camville. by Eustacia Basset. Name also shown as ldoine Camville.

Children of Earl Sir William Longespee and Idonea de Carmille were as follows:
i Ela Longespee.
li Sir William de Longespee.
lii Ida Longespee."
Source <The history of the town and county of Poole> Par John Sydenham:
"... William Longespee the second inherited the name without the dignity of his father; the earldom of Salisbury, and the estates appendant to that title, being vested in the countess Ela, and consequently dormant through her widowhood. It is probable that, if Ela had accepted a second husband, he would have acquired a title to the earldom as complete, during her life, as Longespee himself had enjoyed; so closely at that period did the rights of inheritance attach themselves to the husbands of heiresses*. We are informed that her son, when he became of age, claimed investiture of the earldom: birt that the kingrefused it, "not in his anger, or from an arbitary impulse," but judicialiter, that is, by the advice of his judges, and according to the principles of feudal law. He was a minor at the time of his father's death, and for some years after; but he had been already provided with a wife of ample domains, the heiress of the two baronies of Hay in Lincolnshire, and Camville in the county of Oxford, and elsewhere. The marriage of this lady, Idonea, the daughter of Richard de Camville, had been granted to the earl, on the 22nd of April, 1216, specially for the advantage of his eldest son, William. ..."

William married Idoine DE CAMVILLE [865] [MRIN: 922], daughter of Richard III DE CAMVILLE [914] and Eustacia BASSET [915], in 1226 in , , England. (Idoine DE CAMVILLE [865] was born about 1210 in , , England and died in 1250-1252 in , , England.)

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